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PetSafe No-Bark Control Collar

By PetSafe
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PetSafe No-Bark Control Collar

This easy to use bark control collar requires no programming and includes progressive correction. If your dog continues to bark, the static correction automatically increases to the next level until he stops. Safe and effective, the collar teaches your dog to stop his annoying barking.

Key Benefits

  • For dogs 8 pounds and up
  • 6 levels of static correction
  • Lightweight, waterproof receiver collar
  • Collar uses PetSafe RFA-67 battery (included)
  • RF-250
  • Automatically adjusts to your dog’s temperament
  • Vibration sensor detects dog's vocal chords moving

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PetSafe No-Bark Control Collar Customer Reviews

PetSafe No-Bark Control Collar 4 5 8 8
Awesome product, works very fast The first time I put this product on my dog, he was startled, but it deterred his barking. Since then he has figured out that he can bark low and the sensor will not catch it. However, audible barking has decreased significantly, I greatly recommend this product. April 28, 2014
No-bark collar I am pleased that I purchased this product. While it has not eliminated all the barking, it has significantly reduced it. I would highly recommend this product. You do have to make sure you get it snug enough around the neck so it doesn't slip out of place. October 24, 2013
Poor Quality of Material. The direction where unclear, but the picture of a coin being put into the slot and being used to turn the battery till the arrows lined up seemed simple. Until I gave it a try! The groove for the penny is thin and weak. As I tried to turn it the sides just bent right down. There was nothing left to the sides after that so it was impossible to use a coin to turn it. Now I can only use it I struggle with a pair of needle nose pliers to put in the battery. (there's no on/off switch you have to remove the battery each time) September 14, 2013
Worked ok for me. Hey Mongoose, I think the batteries are intended to be installed and left in. The battery is supposed to last 3-5 months (I doubt it), but the batteries are inexpensive enough to just leave them in until dead. December 13, 2013
The jury is still out..... The battery in the unit was bad and only lasted a few days. We called the manufacturer and they r sending another. I am not convinced the collar works all the time. So, the jury is still out...... June 25, 2014
Definitely Works I have 2 Jack Russell Terriers and only had one bark control collar. It just wasn't fair to the one wearing the collar when the other was standing right beside her barking, thus correcting the one which wasn't barking. This purchase was my second of these making the playing field level. December 16, 2014
Does exactly what you need it to No need to spend money on anything more expensive. This bark collar does exactly what it is meant to do. If it's not working for you it is probably a user error (make sure it's positioned right in front of the dogs vocal cords and that your dog doesn't have thick hair on his neck) or test the battery. If it's still doesn't work for you your dog probably just doesn't respond to it and you may want to try a citronella spray collar - those tend to work if the traditional bark collar doesn't. But this is the same bark collar that is sold for twice as much at Petco and it works great. My dogs wore it for two days before they caught on and they haven't worn it since which is what it's meant to do. Ideally it is a training tool. Glad I was able to find it on Chewy for such a great price! November 1, 2014
Didn't think it through I have this collar due to the incessant barking of my Miniature Pinscher. When I read that the "correction" was static...I didn't add in my head the word "shock". It does work as advertised, hence the 5 stars, but it really made me sad for my dog that she was actually getting painful shocks. I almost took if off her, permanently, after the first hour, but then notice that when I held it up she instantly stopped barking. I have continued to use it and she doesn't bark when she has it on, but will still bark when she has it off. I did not intend to use this collar for her life span. If things don't improve (just due to the nature of my dog), I'm going to try the citronella collar. October 14, 2014
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