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PetSafe Premier Gentle Leader Quick Release Black Dog Headcollar

By PetSafe
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PetSafe Premier Gentle Leader Quick Release Black Dog Headcollar, Medium

A dog’s natural instinct is to pull when tension is on the lead, even if they are choking. Because standard collars and harnesses create this tension when owners pull, the dog pulls in the opposite direction. Because the Gentle Leader Headcollar works like a halter, the dog’s head is gently moved in the direction the owner wants it to go. And where the head goes, the body will follow. Because of the placement of the nose loop, the dog immediately understands his/her place in the hierarchy. The dog considers the owner his/her leader. 

Key Benefits:

  • Stops pulling on the leash.
  • Only have to compete with the strength of neck and head not all of the body
  • Easy for anyone to walk big or strong dogs
  • Safe to use on puppies as young as 8 weeks old
  • Very little pressure applied to the dog’s muzzle and no pressure on the throat
  • Can be sized to fit all dogs with an adjustable nose loop
  • Option to convert the Headcollar to a regular collar if desired
  • Eliminates uncomfortable pressure on the throat when pulling on a standard collar
  • Because of the placement of the collar, the dog understands his place in the hierarchy and considers you his leader.


  • Petite, under 5 lbs; snout 11 inches (Chihuahua, teacup and toy breeds, puppies)
  • Small, 5-25 lbs; snout 12 inches(Beagle, Sheltie, Shihtzu)
  • Medium, 25-60 lbs; snout 18 inches(Border Collie, Bulldog, Pug)
  • Large, 60-130 lbs; snout 22 inches(Boxer, German Shepherd, Labrador Retriever)
  • Extra Large over 130 lbs; snout 28 inches (Great Dane, Newfoundland, Saint Bernard)

Consider your dog's weight based on the chart below. Next, look at the shape of the dog’s head and snout. Breeds with long slender heads may take a smaller size than other dogs of the same weight. Breeds with wide muzzles may need a slightly larger size. 

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PetSafe Premier Gentle Leader Quick Release Black Dog Headcollar Customer Reviews

PetSafe Premier Gentle Leader Quick Release Black Dog Headcollar 4.8 5 16 16
Works well (if the right size)! This product seemed to work well except for my misjudging of my puppies size. The return/refund process with was one of the smoothest and easiest that I've ever encountered. Brittany was very helpful and so courteous - I plan to do a lot more shopping on - excellent customer service! July 28, 2014
Keeping My Shoulders in Sockets I had one of these for a previous dog and am very excited to be training my newest pup on it. I would love to have a dog that knew how to walk "loose leash", but have not yet mastered that training. My 4 month old 35 pound Shepherd mix has sadly started to pull, and this is really showing him who is boss. He cannot pull with a gentle leader. Easy to use, this guy has quickly realized that he cannot get it off and has accepted his fate. We are still training with treats, but I can see that we have happiness pending and more comfortable walks in our future. I cannot believe that he sits and will refuse to go even with it, but in general, this has saved my arm sockets! We are walking peacefully and improving with each step. July 10, 2014
Works perfectly I have a two year old golden retriever. He is 96 lbs now. He liked pulling while we walked him. I bought this gentle leader and trained my dog according to the instructions, he is now a perfect dog and doesn't pull anymore. Even if I'm pregnant, I can walk him with loose leash everyday. April 8, 2014
Just Like the Description The product does exactly what it says, making it easy to walk and redirect my 67-pound dog's energy when he tries to pull ahead. October 22, 2014
We've had our best walks with this product I tried many different collars, leashes and leads before purchasing this harness - I could have saved money had I just purchased this first - both my dog and I love talking walks more than ever now !!! September 29, 2014
getting used to it - but working! My puppy and I are into agility. She's really good at it but will not heel to save our lives. I've tried all the techniques that's our trainers have suggested. We work daily on it and she still won't heel. When we go on walks, we barely make it down the street and she's choking herself from pulling so hard and gasping for breath. I tried a harness and she still pulls so hard she chokes herself. I even tried a chain collar which I'm against. The chain collar worked for a while but then she'd get tired of it and just start pulling again. BUT then I tried the gentle leader. I followed all the steps and after a week, like suggested, we went for a walk. It was like night and day. She's still getting used to the feeling of it but she's not choking herself. She still tries to walk a little bit ahead of me but she's not pulling and trying to run down the street. The majority of our walk she's beside me. After 2 walks she's 75% better. I can't wait to see her after 2 more. September 22, 2014
Great way to gently stop your dog from pulling. Great way to stop your dog from pulling. My 102lb Doberman walks with me now and not dragging me along. Best part is it is a gentle way to correct the problem. Comes with directions and a DVD to help you and your dog. September 18, 2014
No more pulling I recommended this for sure but start from the time the dog is a puppy. My 8 Newfoundland is struggling with the feel of it. But he no longer pulls. September 17, 2014
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