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PetSafe Premier Gentle Leader Quick Release Royal Blue Dog Headcollar By PetSafe

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PetSafe Premier Gentle Leader Quick Release Royal Blue Dog Headcollar

A dog’s natural instinct is to pull when tension is on the lead, even if they are choking. Because standard collars and harnesses create this tension when owners pull, the dog pulls in the opposite direction. Because the Gentle Leader Headcollar works like a halter, the dog’s head is gently moved in the direction the owner wants it to go. And where the head goes, the body will follow. Because of the placement of the nose loop, the dog immediately understands his/her place in the hierarchy. The dog considers the owner his/her leader. 

Key Benefits:

  • Stops pulling on the leash.
  • Only have to compete with the strength of neck and head not all of the body
  • Easy for anyone to walk big or strong dogs
  • Safe to use on puppies as young as 8 weeks old
  • Very little pressure applied to the dog’s muzzle and no pressure on the throat
  • Can be sized to fit all dogs with an adjustable nose loop
  • Option to convert the Headcollar to a regular collar if desired
  • Eliminates uncomfortable pressure on the throat when pulling on a standard collar
  • Because of the placement of the collar, the dog understands his place in the hierarchy and considers you his leader.

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PetSafe Premier Gentle Leader Quick Release Royal Blue Dog Headcollar Customer Reviews

PetSafe Premier Gentle Leader Quick Release Royal Blue Dog Headcollar 5 5 4 4
It works! At first my dogs didn't like this at all. But that's exactly why I needed it, because I was having issues with the walk and having my dogs feel too superior, which would always lead to barking at other dogs and strangers. So after the first few minutes fighting it, they accept and are much calmer than usual. And once you repeat it, again and again, they don't notice it anymore, and still keep the status a little lower. It's great! It doesn't mean you don't have to correct the bahevior you don't want, but it means the dog responds faster. And it doesn't hurt them all, but you do have to pay attention to how strongly your dog might be trying to get rid of it. One of my puppies took a whole day in the park to try and take it off. She managed to do it a couple of times, but I kept putting it back on and she just gave up. I bought two more gentle leaders. It works for me! December 23, 2013
Gentle Leader I purchased this product for my son Father's Day gift. Sabella needed to be walked. First we watched DVD n fitted the leader Second day we out it on her and let her adjust. Third day we are walking .. Very happy with her willingness to walk with me. There is no pulling or bad behavior. Good dog , good treats good walking June 25, 2014
A great buy and well used piece of equipment for walking your dog. A great training tool and a very necessary piece of equipment for walking my two male 65 pound Standard Poodles. The Gentle Leader doesn't constrict my dogs throat or choke them. Instead I can control their heads with much less physical effort. I highly recommend the Gentle Leader as a piece of equipment for walking a dog you don't want to CHOKE. March 14, 2014
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