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PetSafe Ssscat Pet Deterrent Training Aid By PetSafe

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PetSafe Ssscat Pet Deterrent Training Aid

Alright Mr. Bigsby, the window sill is fair game. The designer sofa is not. Keep cats away from designated areas with the PetSafe Ssscat Pet Deterrent. It uses a motion sensor to deliver an odorless, harmless spray whenever your feline friend crosses into off-limit areas, discouraging him from visiting again. Each PetSafe Ssscat Pet Deterrent emits up to 200 sprays before needing to be replaced.

Key Benefits

  • Easy to set up and use
  • Can also be used for other small animals, such as rabbits, dogs, ferrets, etc.
  • Includes unscented spray can
  • Uses (4) AAA batteries (not included) 

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PetSafe Ssscat Pet Deterrent Training Aid Customer Reviews

PetSafe Ssscat Pet Deterrent Training Aid 4.2 5 23 23
Great Product !!! Keeps my two maine coon cats away from our bedroom. Finally they don't wake me up at 5 am everyday. They are so scared of sssss sound they even stopped going upstairs. I just ordered second one for the kitchen countertops. April 15, 2014
Best Aid in Training Kitties! Heard about this product from our installer when we got a "Vanishing Screen" since we were concerned about our cat getting out. Worked like a charm! Since then we have adopted 4 kittens and when they would not stop climbing the Christmas tree SSScat was THE answer! It is the only effective and safe behavior modifier! It is SO helpful in keeping the kitties away from things or off things. It is worth every penny. Thank you Chewy for offering the product at the best price around! March 31, 2014
Great product Was having a problem with cat on counters..very quickly kept her off unwanted places.. March 17, 2014
Not worth the money I bought 2 of them. I opened the first one and the on/off switch was broken off. The second one after 2 days of use the on/off switch broke off of that one too. I called Petsafe because it says on the product paperwork not to return them to the store in which they were purchased. I am currently waiting for replacements and have to ship the broken ones back to Petsafe.It also took two of us to get the top part connected to the canister. Great concept, but needs work. February 19, 2014
So far so good. The good: the spray does indeed deter my cat from going past the unit, thus keeping her out of the kitchen. The can seems to be lasting a good while, as I've had it up and running for almost two weeks and it's still working. The average: as expected from a smart cat, she knows very well that the strange object I put on the floor (and keep turning off and on so I can go into the kitchen myself) is what's spraying the air. So if I move it at all, she knows she can go into the kitchen unimpeded. While just having the can sitting there, even in the off position, can keep her away for a while, she does randomly test it to see if it's still working and then it feels like we're back to square one. The bad: the sensor doesn't always seem to work, as I've walked past it myself after forgetting it was turned on with no results, then when I leave and walk past it a second time, it sprays me. It's also hard to tell when batteries need recharging. Still, for the price it's a pretty good deal and works well most of the time. February 16, 2014
easy and effective we use this product when out of town since one of our 3 cats gets "upset" when we leave. he now knows when"can" is set out to behave and not wet certain areas of house. we do eventually come home and are now pleasantly surprised when there are no messes to deal with. February 9, 2014
It's working. It does tend to zap people a lot more than the cats. it's difficult to turn off w/o setting off the can. It is effective though and will keep using with high hopes. February 7, 2014
excellent We have ALOT of rescues..many more in our home then was ever planned!! I love this product!! I intend to get another. We already have a "scat mat", & that was bought out of desperation due to spraying & countertop walking...eeerrrr!! This product works, didn't last as long as I would have liked, but then again with our gang it had it's work cut out. I highly recommend it. January 24, 2014
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