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PetSafe Ssscat Pet Deterrent Training Aid Refill

By PetSafe
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PetSafe Ssscat Pet Deterrent Training Aid Refill

Smarty-cats may learn to bat a ball past the Ssscat Pet Deterrent until it runs out of spray. Stubborn ones may just think "Maybe this time I'll make it to the counter." Either way, when your Ssscat Pet Barrier runs out of spray, backups are ready! The PetSafe Ssscat Pet Deterrent Refill is an environmentally-friendly, unscented refill with 120 sprays per can.

Key Benefits

  • Protect furniture, counters or entire rooms
  • Effective, harmless spray keeps pets away from designated areas
  • Over 100 sprays per refill
  • For use with Ssscat Pet Deterrent

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PetSafe Ssscat Pet Deterrent Training Aid Refill Customer Reviews

PetSafe Ssscat Pet Deterrent Training Aid Refill 4.4 5 20 20
Best and Safest Way to Deter your Cat! We have the most wonderful cat who decided she wanted into our bedroom at night. She wouldn't remain still and bothered us so we had to put her out of the room. Of course she wanted back in and would cry and hit the door. I searched everywhere for the right product to discourage her and found Ssscat Spray. It is the perfect product. After a couple of nights of getting sprayed by a very gentle and safe spray (kind of like the spray you use to clean your keyboards) she now stays away from the can whether it is turned on or not. Every once in a while we turn in on to give her a reminder to stay away from the door. She happily sleeps somewhere else now or will wait a safe distance away from the can near our door. Perfect product. May 19, 2014
Effective for deterring dog but cats ignored it. By the time it sprayed the cats were gone. The dogs were not so I only have to set the can out...don't. Even have to turn it on. May 16, 2014
Great Job! Used this on my older cat when I first got him. For my dining table in my sunroom. Worked great. He'll lay on a chair to look outside, but never got up on the table again. Started using it again for my new kitty. He kept getting into the plant on the table and digging dirt all over the table. He hasn't been back to the table since his first encounter with Ssscat. Great stuff! The only thing to watch is that if you're in the area, shut off the switch from behind the unit. Otherwise, it will continue to spray every time and you'll use it all up. September 15, 2014
Excellent price vs stores + delivery! We have 4 Ssscat Deterrent systems so we go through quite a few cans of spray per month. (We have both cats & dogs.) Getting the Ssscat Deterrent refills through Chewy is more economical than in stores & a real ease with delivery right to our door. I'd recommend the Chewy route over a store any day. June 23, 2014
Works Great! This sprayer really works! When ever the cat goes near it puffs out a little harmless air which scares the cat away! Now the cat will not go near the area with the sprayer simply because he can see the sprayer even without it spaying! June 19, 2014
Works well but difficult to put together I like this product, it works well, but you wind up wasting part of the product just by putting on the top that it sprays out of. Not recommended for older persons that don't have good hand coordination. May 9, 2014
Cat is just too smart. Well, I originally left a positive review for this system on the main product page, but after buying several refills I have admitted defeat. I believe my cat actually realized that if she set off the can enough times, it would run out of air. She did this for several cans in a row, just walking up time after time and making it go off. After a while it didn't scare her one bit anymore, so she was just wearing it down and biding her time. Perhaps this would work for a more skittish cat, but I can't keep buying so many refills. April 4, 2014
For cats that are especially hard to train. I have a beautiful part Siamese that I adopted at one of our local humane societies. When I picked him up the feline specialist said I would have my hands full with this one and he wasn't kidding! He's the funniest cutest little guy and we put up with a lot of his strange little things but the worst thing is his insistence on eating during the very early hours of the morning. We keep him out of the bedroom but he hits the door bangs on it and relentlessly knocks on it. We've tried everything!! Nothing seemed to get his attention until the Ssscat training aid. We just put it out in front of our door and he lets us sleep as simple as that! I heard it go off a few times but after that he just hides around the hallway until we get up, pick it up and then he gets fed. Everyone is happier now. Excellent invention!! Thank you! March 20, 2014
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