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Primal Chicken Formula Nuggets Freeze-Dried Dog Food By Primal

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Primal Chicken Formula Nuggets Freeze-Dried Dog Food

Primal Freeze-Dried Formulas offer you the convenience and benefits of a well-balanced, safe and wholesome raw-food diet without having to grind, chop, measure or mix the ingredients yourself. 

Key Benefits

  • Fresh chicken for superior levels of amino and essential fatty acids
  • Finely ground, fresh chicken bones for optimum levels of calcium
  • Organic produce for food-derived vitamins A, B-complex, C and D
  • Salmon oil for essential Omega-3 Fatty Acids
  • Organic and unrefined nutritional supplements for digestion and circulation
  • Vitamin E as an antioxidant
  • Organic coconut oil for linolenic fatty acids

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Item Number 58367
  • Freeze-Dried
Special Diet
  • Organic
  • Grain-Free
  • No Corn No Wheat No Soy
Country of Origin
  • United States
  • Adult
  • All Stages

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Primal Chicken Formula Nuggets Freeze-Dried Dog Food Customer Reviews

Primal Chicken Formula Nuggets Freeze-Dried Dog Food 4.8 5 15 15
Finally, she's eating One of my dogs, ironically the rescued one from the streets, is extremely picky. I've had her almost a full year now, and the entire time, I've been on trial and error with finding a food she will actually eat instead of simply walking away with upturned nose. So appalling. So frustrating. Yet, I must have hit it finally with this PRimal freeze dried food. She likes it; and I'm not over the shock yet! So happy to see her eating, but now I'm dealing with her really messy style of eating--sorting through the kibble (which she spits out of her bowl) to get to the primal chunks only. I'm looking to go completely raw, now that I've finally found one that she'll eat instead of having to throw it away. However, in freeze dried form, this gets expensive pretty fast. I'd love to see chewy offer primal's line of frozen (or Bravo's line)--any kind of raw that is more budget friendly. Already though, chewy's prices beat Amazon; and customer service is so exceptional that I wouldn't even want to shop elsewhere. Thanks, Chewy team! March 12, 2014
My dogs love this product. I have 8 lb. dogs that swallow their food whole. This was very easy to break with a spoon and quickly absorbs warm water. December 30, 2012
Yoshimomo My pups LOVE Primal Freeze-Dried Formulas. I think the chicken is their favorite. I really like the ingredients in this food & it's very convenient as an alternative to canned food. I feed a rotation of Primal Freeze-Dried with another brand's freeze-dried nugget for variety. March 24, 2013
Great product, just wish it was certified humane and grass fed I needed a freeze dried product for dogs, that has some veggies and fruits in it for my cats. Cats do eat mostly meat and bones, but in the wild they would get the greens and fruits from the stomachs of the prey they killed. As my cats are exclusively indoors, I wanted to give them some type of greens/vegetables. I crumble just a little into their other freeze dried food. I used to buy a rose every week, as they loved to eat the they got their greens that way. Then I realized that flowers for sale are some of the most heavily pesticided plants on I had to stop that. Now, I give them just a little primal formula and all of us are happy. It's good to have the variety as well. July 13, 2014
Never have to call them twice for dinner I've tried numerous dog food brands and this one is tops. In the past, I have also added cooked chicken breasts and rice with their dog food. Now all I do is crumble the squares and add water. Wish I had discovered this product sooner. July 10, 2014
Healthy food for a picky eater My dachshund is a very picky eater and I want her to eat healthy food. This is the first one that we both are pleased with. Clean, quality ingredients and she loves it. June 30, 2014
Highly Palitable and Nutritious My rescue dog refused to eat any kind of dog food. A person at the pet food store gave me a sample of the Primal Dehydrated food and she will eat it when I fry a tiny bit of ground beef, chicken or turkey and mix it up into the mixture after it is hydrated with a little water. My cats eat it dry and love it too. The dog and cat especially love the duck flavor. I buy all of the flavors and the dog loves them all with real meat mixed in. She is maintaining a healthy weight and doesn't have any stomach upsets. Her stool is small and we'll formed with little odor. June 20, 2014
A wonderful treat for a very picky little boy! My 10 year old dog is very picky about what he eats and to make it even worse, he is on special medication from his vet for his heart condition. He does not like his food at all and I have tried everything to get him to eat. When I discovered this wonderful item that he adores, I break and sprinkle this freeze dried delicacy over his food and he eats it up! It has been a blessing for us because now meal time is easy & enjoyable and not the "headache" that it was before! June 12, 2014
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