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Starmark Fantastic DuraFoam Ball Dog Toy By Starmark

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Starmark Fantastic DuraFoam Ball Dog Toy

Soft, but extremely durable, the Fantastic DuraFoam Ball is ideal for fetching indoors and out, as well as in water. Interactive play is important to keep your dog fit physically and mentally. Starmark Interactive Play toys are designed for you and your dog to play together. The DuraFoam toys are made from extremely durable patented foam that is soft and safe on your dog’s teeth and gums. They also float in water for fetching fun at a lake or beach.

Key Benefits

  • Available in Assorted Colors - Color ships at random!
  • Flies Far & Easy to Catch - Fun for you to throw and easy for your dog to retrieve
  • Unique, Durable Design - With no cover to chew off, it’s safer than a tennis ball
  • Great for Interactive Play Indoors & Outdoors

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Starmark Fantastic DuraFoam Ball Dog Toy Customer Reviews

Starmark Fantastic DuraFoam Ball Dog Toy 4.7 5 10 10
my dog loves this ball I have a Boston terrier and this is his favorite ball by far. Its hard to find in stores though so i always have to have a back up. I have tried to give him tennis balls he chews them up. I got a Kong ball and he wont touch it, its like to heavy for him.. The DuraFoam ball does get chewed up after while but it takes him months till is not I'm the shape of a ball anymore... Great ball thanks! May 7, 2013
Great Ball This is by far the best ball I have ever found. I was a bit skeptical at first that the dogs would not destroy it but I gave it a chance. So far no dog I know has chewed one up yet. I have made non believers out of many people and have ordered balls for the entire litter of Golden puppies my girl had. As mentioned, it does float which is a plus and since it is lightweight no one has got hurt by getting hit by it. LOVE THESE!!!! Hope you get some more in stock soon! December 24, 2013
Best ball ever for large breeds This is the only ball my 110 German shepherd will not destroy. It is light weight enough for me to hit with a tennis racket (I have a very large back yard and my arm gets tired og throwing it). My dog will sit in front of the counter every morning begging me to "go play ball). The material will have some puncture marks but no pieces will separate for her to swallow. She destroys all other balls, basketball,football,racket ball, and tennis balls only last a min. or two. Oh and did I say it floats too. It's the best find ever you should try one. I have made three separate orders so far, I can't seem to stop my friends from wanting one for their pet. November 25, 2013
Favorite toy Between this and the west paw ball these are the two toys my puppy loves the most. This one is his ultimate favorite because of the texture. My pup loves to chew it but has only managed to ripped off a 1 cm piece off the surface. This ball is very light so I am not scared of it hurting my puppy if I throw it at his face when we play catch. This ball isn't as bouncy as the west paw ball but it still has a good bounce to it. July 5, 2014
Love this ball! Great addition to my dog's toy chest.It even fits into an old chuckit launcher(barely), and it flies far. June 22, 2014
Not very soft From the description, I was expecting a much softer ball. The ball is fine, just not what I was looking for. June 19, 2014
Fun! My boston terrier loves this ball, it's nice and light and quiet for apartment dwellers like myself. Very happy with it, hope it holds up to his craziness! April 23, 2014
Great tough toy I've used this toy ball for my dog since he was a puppy and he loves it so much that he sleeps with it. It's very durable. March 24, 2014
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