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Wee-Wee Extra Large Puppy Housebreaking Pads, 28" x 34" By Wee Wee Pads

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Wee-Wee Extra Large Puppy Housebreaking Pads, 28" x 34"

The Wee-Wee Pad for Puppies is scientifically treated to attract puppies when nature calls. It's Super Absorption System consists of a quick-dry top layer, super-absorbent core and leak-proof liner. Satisfaction Guaranteed! Can be used for training or as an everyday alternative to the outdoors when pets are housebound.

Key Benefits:

  • Quickly dries, super-absorbent, and leak-proof
  • Scientifically treated to attract pets when nature calls
  • Use for training or alternative for housebound pets

The X-Large Wee-Wee Pads measure 28 inches x 34 inches.

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Wee-Wee Extra Large Puppy Housebreaking Pads, 28" x 34" Customer Reviews

Wee-Wee Extra Large Puppy Housebreaking Pads, 28" x 34" 4.6 5 38 38
Absorbant/larger size is great These are good all around pads for small dogs. Good price for the larger pads. Arm & Hammer makes a larger size pad but costs a lot more than this one. Good pad. April 8, 2013
Much better than the white ones I made the mistake of trying the white pads because they were slightly less expensive. They weren't nearly as absorbent and because of the coloring it was hard to tell if the pad side was up or the plastic was up. Spend the extra couple of bucks- March 6, 2013
Good product, fast delivery Order and delivered without me having to leave the house! My dog loves them to. June 5, 2012
OK until they become a toy When my pups first came home I used pads, they needed to have something to aim for while in the house. But fairly soon they figured out that wee pads were very fun to shred up, and soon I had to phase them out entirely. When I used the smaller sizes they didn't get the inspiration to shred, but the bigger ones became flags in games of keep-away and that was that. March 21, 2014
household pet beta testing for parents :-) who wants to wake up in a pet urine soak fest? No one, esp the pet. This is a super product, and an answer to help alleviate the outcome of the issue ... getting old ain't easy. with a little experimenting and a dedicated area for placement of the pads, this can restore a pet's positive feelings. this pet was humiliated and now she has an alternative to going outdoors. really that simple. February 15, 2014
Nice and BIG These pads are nice and big and since the bottom part is blue it's easy to lay them out. Great for lining puppy's crate. April 17, 2013
good size!! xtra large size works great.....and absorbs very well..just roll it up and toss in trash - voila!! December 16, 2012
Pet inconsistently used the pad This pad absorbs liquid very well. Unfortunately, my pet rarely urinated on the pad. September 2, 2013
Excellent product, highly absorbant even for large dogs See above that contains all information. Now this is getting annoying and will make me not participate in this process again February 15, 2012
great size we can use a pad this size in the dogs' crates when necessary. It has the best protection than other brands I've tried. July 25, 2014
Great Pads I am very happy with these extra large wee wee pads. I use them for my older dog who is unable to hold her bladder long enough to make it outside. These are a great option for protecting my new hard wood floors. They work very well for this purpose. July 24, 2014
Works great! I recently raised a litter of 11 Great Dane puppies, and couldn't go without these! I tried countless other brands, but these are by far made better than any others and are far more absorbent! July 23, 2014
Good size Well priced, nice size but my dog is not attracted to them. Hoping she'll use them anyway. July 22, 2014
great product very absorbent!! Haven't had a problem yet :) Dogs right on target. July 21, 2014
Great product, Super absorbent and odor free!! Leak proof and quick dry!! June 29, 2014
leaks They leak and that's a problem when pads are used alot June 20, 2014
Disappointed I have been buying these pads for some time now and up until my last order, they have been a godsend. However, the last two boxes I received contained pads that are thinner and not as absorbent as the old ones. I did compare the two, and could actually see that the thickness is not there. I don't think I would buy them again. June 15, 2014
Best Pet Product EVER! I have been disappointed by other pads, because they weren't absorbent or large enough. These are great! I have a small dog with back issues who cannot get outside as frequently as a healthier dog. I need the large pads for while I'm at work and during the night. Smaller ones do not work! I hate to think what people with larger dogs do without these large size and absorbent pads. My local supermarkets have all discontinued carrying the large size for smaller ones. Thank goodness for Chewy and the convenient mail order! Fast delivery, too! I had my latest order the next day w/o paying extra postage! THANK YOU!!! June 11, 2014
EXCELLENT PRICE We love these wee wee pads and the price you offer is great! Love the automatic shipping we signed up for and so glad we found your website! Thank you! June 5, 2014
Best I've found to date I had been using the disposable pads made for people because they were larger than most puppy pads. However these are the same size but much better quality and more absorbent. April 24, 2014
The best and most absorbent pottie pad I have tried ! I have 2 Chihuahuas, and I started using your product from day one. They are pottie trained to the pads like cats are to a litter box. As a working Mom of 2 Fur babies I must say that the pottie pads I get from you are the most absorbent ones I have used. I will be buying these pads in the future, and only those. Thanks Loree April 10, 2014
Great Product WE have 4 Yorkies and live in Upstate NY, to say the least was a horrible winter and they are fussy, These pads are incredible, the dogs go out of the way to find them. April 9, 2014
Wee extra large pads The pads are great. Keeps the floor clean, no leakage. Package came on time. The price was great. I paid almost twenty dollars less at chewy compared to one of the major pet companies for the same amount of pads. April 8, 2014
Excellent for Dogs of all Ages! I've used these pads for my 40 lb. Standard as well as my 12 lb. Coton de Tulear. They are strong, don't leak and an excellent size. Weight them down and they are great for an outdoor patio. In the house one does the job. I love these and recommend them highly. March 30, 2014
Life Saver My minpin has the bladder the size of a pea. So when I'm at work, these pads really come in handy. They are neat and absorbant. March 23, 2014
Great pads! No Leaks and the size is perfect Wee Wee Pads are the best brand. They are easy to unfold, super absorbent, and the edges prevent leading. We use them daily in a gated off area for our puppy. February 17, 2014
The product is sturdy I am pleased with these wee-wee pads. In the past I tried cheaper versions that fell apart or the padding was even. The smell goes away so my puppy can use one for several hours before I have to change it to a new one. My trainer told me to use this size. February 13, 2014
Very good product I would not hesitate to purchase this again! Madeline February 3, 2014
The Product is great! These Wee-Wee Pads are fantastic! They are super absorbent and cover a large enough area for my pet. He is always attracted to the pad and we never have any accidents, since we began using them. We are very pleased and have recommended them to all of our friends.Thank you for a great product. January 29, 2014
Tried to Save Money...Not Worth It I tried these training pads because they were less expensive than the ones I was currently using. My biggest problem with these is that I had to use twice as many to prevent odor buildup. So, while they were less expensive to purchase, I had to use twice as many and I had odor issues. I went back to the ones I was previously using. Unfortunately I would not recommend these. January 21, 2014