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Wee-Wee Silicone Pad Holder

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Wee-Wee Silicone Pad Holder

Silicone Pad Holder fits Wee-Wee pads, giving you an easy, clean and “stay-put” solution while protecting the area beneath and around pad.

Key Benefits

  • Protects floors and carpet
  • Made of silicone for easy cleaning and storage
  • Rolls up for easy storage, travel and handling
  • Special grips fit all standard Wee Wee pads
  • Fits pads 22 inches x 23 inches or larger

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Wee-Wee Silicone Pad Holder Customer Reviews

Wee-Wee Silicone Pad Holder 4.2 5 5 5
Not great This product says you can use pads 22 x 23 inches or larger. I put the larger pad on only to find my dog goes on the part hanging off the silicone and not on the silicone so it can only be used with the smaller pads. Also the larger pads don't secure to the holes properly. My silicone pad also looked used when I received it. It had another dogs hair stuck to it and looked dirty. August 16, 2014
Solved our problem! My two little chihuahuas were afraid to step into plastic wee pad holder. The plastic holder never lays flat on the floor and makes noises when my dog tried to step into it. We are glad that we found this silicone pad holder. It fits wee pads easily and lays smoothly on the floor. It is easy to clean and most importantly my dogs feel very comfortable using it. The silicone holder keeps our floor clean and the nice neutral color blends in with our bathroom tile nicely. Great design! July 26, 2014
A game changer! We have been using these pad holders for a few weeks now. They are a lifesaver! We have a cat who has always refused to void in the litter box. It was determined that it was a behavioral problem. She instead voids in front of the box so we started putting doggie pee pads down in front of the box. This worked perfectly until we introduced a third cat into the house. The new cat likes to dig at the pads so they are no longer lying flat. When I saw all these holders I thought it would be a great solution to hold the pads in place and prevent the cat from missing the pad. The pads we normally get are only 22 x 22 and the description calls for 22 x 23. My only complaint at this point is that the pads are pulling out of the corners. When I buy new pads I will buy the larger size and hope that it will hold the pads in place. If not, the holders are still a huge improvement and we will definitely continue using them. The rubber grips the pad and prevents it from slipping. The edges prevent run off and appeared easy to clean. Although we have not had to clean them yet because they have kept the pads in place and no urine has escaped! I just wish I had purchased them sooner because they have eliminated a lot of cleanup and headaches in our house! January 16, 2015
Good Pad Holder This pad holder is unobtrusive and secure. It does not make noise when walked on, which is a big plus for my dog. November 8, 2014
Saves my floor! I wish I knew about this little pad a long time ago. My pup has been house trained for years, but every now and then will miss the corner, or regardless of the wee wee pad, the smell will still seep through the pad onto the floor. This is a good barrier, not bulky, and my dog has no problems stepping on or off of it. Easy to clean if the smell goes through the pad. On a side note, my dog never chewed or dragged his pads, so the fact that it doesn't stretch into all 4 corners of the holder is no problem. I use 22x22 pads, this is slightly bigger. October 15, 2014
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