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Wysong Biotic pH+ Dog & Cat Food Supplement By Wysong

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Wysong Biotic pH+ Dog & Cat Food Supplement

Wysong Biotic pH+ is a cat and dog supplement designed for cats or dogs needing assistance generating and maintaining an alkaline urine to help prevent oxalate, urate or cystine crystal formation. Wysong Biotic pH+ dog and cat vitamin supplement restores proper mineral balance and metabolism such that a more alkaline (basic) urine is generated. Biotic pH+ helps treat and naturally prevent oxalate, urate and cystine urolith/crystal formation by promoting and alkaline urine, and also combats metabolic acidosis - an insidious problem that can adversely impact health in many ways.

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Item Number 59716
Country of Origin
  • United States
Supplement Form
  • Powdered
  • Adult

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Wysong Biotic pH+ Dog & Cat Food Supplement Customer Reviews

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Cat with Feline Cystitis Several months ago we noticed our cat was urinating outside of her litter box and we found blood present. We rushed her to the vet and she was diagnosed with Feline Cystitis. After multiple rounds of antibiotics in which she would get better only briefly and trips to the vet that were incredibly stressful for both the cat and myself, I decided to research non invasive ways to relieve her symptoms. I switched her to a wet cat food only diet (dry cat food is one of the primary causes of this condition) and this seemed to help somewhat but never completely alleviated the problem. I then came across this product by Googling holistic remedies for FC. I ordered the Wysong Biotic PH and began sprinkling this on her wet cat food with every feeding. I am quite happy to report that her symptoms have all but disappeared. Stress and the occasional dry treat can still cause her to relapse but when it does happen it is not as severe as before and the episodes never last as long. I am so relieved that this worked so well and that my little kitty is a healthy, happy, pain-free girl again :) As we know every animal is different in how they respond to treatment, but I can say in my situation it was highly successful. June 8, 2013
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