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API 5 in 1 Freshwater & Saltwater Aquarium Test Strips

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Help keep your fish healthy and thriving by testing your aquarium water regularly with API's easy-to-use 5 in 1 Aquarium Test Strips. Poor water quality can cause fish stress, illness and can even lead to fish loss. API's 5 in 1 Aquarium Test Strips measure five of the most important aquarium factors including pH, nitrite, nitrate, carbonate and general hardness. Just dip a strip directly into your freshwater or saltwater aquarium and use the color-coded chart to determine if your water is safe, or if adjustments are needed. Then follow the recommendations to treat the water—it’s that simple!

Key Benefits
  • Tests five key water parameters—pH, nitrite, nitrate, carbonate and general hardness.
  • Highly accurate color charts provide precise test results, identifying problems in your aquarium.
  • Chart colors are distinctive, making test results easy to read.
  • Recommendations help troubleshoot aquarium issues.
  • Superior moisture protection packaging ensures testing accuracy.
What's Included

Test strips, easy-to-read instructions, information on how to correct unsafe water conditions.

Help lower your aquarium's pH level with API's pH Down or raise it with API's pH Up water treatment.

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    Freshwater, Saltwater
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    Tropical Freshwater, Marine Fish, Betta, Goldfish, Marine Invertebrate, Bottom Feeder, Cichlid

How do API 5-IN-1 TEST STRIPS work?

Test strips are a fast and easy way to test your aquarium water parameters! Simply dip a strip into your water and swirl a few times, then remove the strip and hold flat to evaluate color changes. Compare these colors to the color chart included with API TEST STRIPS, and treat your water accordingly.

How accurate are API 5-IN-1 TEST STRIPS?

API 5-IN-1 TEST STRIPS are highly accurate in measuring water parameters when used as directed.

Do API 5-IN-1 POND TEST STRIPS work for testing oxygen levels?

API 5-IN-1 POND TEST STRIPS only measure pH, Nitrite, Nitrate, Carbonate Hardness, and General Hardness.

Fish Care Made Easier

API is a name you can trust when it comes to taking care of fish. Not only are they passionate about fishkeeping, but they're dedicated to improving the hobby and making it easier to maintain the ideal aquatic environment. From helping the novice set up a new tank to providing state-of-the-art filters for advanced systems, you can rely on API's dedication to quality.

Fish Care Made Easier
Maintain the Perfect Setup

Maintain the Perfect Setup

Fishkeeping is a much easier task with API, because they've taken all the guesswork out of setting up a tank and maintaining it. Their proven treatments include water conditioners and clarifiers, fish medications, pH adjusters, algaecides and quick-start solutions—all designed to keep your aquarium crystal clear and your fish happy and healthy.

Testing Is Key

Once you've started a new aquarium, the only way to keep it in perfect balance is with routine water testing. API gives you all the tools you need to create a nurturing environment for both fish and live plants. Their comprehensive Master Test Kits are tailored to freshwater, saltwater or reef environments, and individual tests for things like pH, ammonia or nitrites leave nothing up to chance.

Testing Is Key
Clearing the Water

Clearing the Water

API offers reliable three-step filtration for tanks of all sizes with their FILSTAR XP Canister filters and wide variety of filter media. These powerful filters constantly circulate the water, trapping organic waste and odors, removing harmful ammonia and contaminants, and helping good bacteria to thrive in the tank.

Superior Nutrition

Feeding your aquarium inhabitants, whether they're tropical fish, turtles or newts, is something that can be tricky without the right food. API developed a special diet for every type of fish—one that's highly palatable, which leads to less waste in the tank. And that means less ammonia to cloud the water. For your turtle friends, premium floating pellets and stick treats provide multiple vitamins for a stronger, healthier shell.

Superior Nutrition
About API

About API

Through extensive and continuous research and development, API created quality products for all levels of fishkeeping. As people who are passionate about fish care, they understand the rewards of keeping up a successful aquarium or aquarium. With easy-to-read guides and premium treatments, foods, filters and testing equipment, API helps aquarists establish and maintain an environment where fish can flourish.

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  • 2 out of 5 stars

    Not sure there wirth it

    By Tony on Aug 21, 2021

    Easy to use but they don't check ammonia levels and there nitrite and nitrate readings are way off from the regular Api liquid test. Use with caution they do not give reliable readings. The Gh readings were a nice find but they maybe off as well

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  • 3 out of 5 stars

    Aquarium Test Kit Review

    By Neesie on Jul 31, 2021

    The kit worked fine but is not like the kits I usually use. This kit, you need to look up the normal range results to see where your test results lie. The ranges are shown in the pamphlet included with the kit. On the kits I usually use, they show the normal range right on the gauge. It is so much easier.

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  • 3 out of 5 stars

    Bit confusing

    By JackofAll on May 22, 2021

    The instructions say immediately check the first 3 indicators but to wait 30 seconds to read the 4th & 5th/nitrite and nitrate levels. I bought these to test my nitrates specifically but the reading continues to change (get darker) after the 30 seconds. So what's the correct level; the reading at exactly 30 seconds (could be 40 to 80) or the color it ends up at (as high as 160)?

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  • 4 out of 5 stars

    Works 90% of the time

    By Cheyenne on Jun 18, 2021

    These strips are decent for in between using a full drop test kit like the API Freshwater Master Test Kit. I do find about 10% of the strips I used had issues with the pH portion not developing properly, thus not being able to read the results.

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  • 1 out of 5 stars

    master test kit is better

    By Cristian on Jun 21, 2021

    The product said I had high nitrite in my 65 gallon aquarium and then I was worried so I ended up buying a API master test kit and I had no nitrite, I couldn’t believe how bad of a product and waste of money this was.

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  • 4 out of 5 stars

    Good Product, to an Extent

    By kyra on Feb 28, 2021

    While these dip sticks come in handy, it’s important to use a fresh water master test kit to get PRECISE values and read your water for ammonia (since these DON’T test for ammonia). These are handy for in-between precise water tests, but not as the only source of water testing, because they aren’t incredibly accurate. I attached a pic of their master test kit that i use, just in case. API is an excellent brand!

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  • 2 out of 5 stars

    Unfortunately inaccurate

    By MelC on Feb 2, 2021

    I got these to easily test my kh and gh as well as a quick check on my nitrates so I don’t have to pull out my liquid test kit every week... well in a side by side comparison of the pH and nitrate, the strips were way lower on both tests than my liquid tests. Showing the nitrate as an example. Now I’m not sure I can even trust the kh and gh measurements.

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  • 5 out of 5 stars

    Great item

    By Kate on Apr 13, 2021

    I have a 28 gallon aquarium and use the strips atleast twice per month to check the water. The strips work very well and are super easy to read.

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  • 3 out of 5 stars

    Aquarium test strips

    By Katec on Mar 4, 2021

    The instructions aren't really clear, and the sheet doesn't really explain what the paremeter readings mean, I'll probably just end up taking a water sample to the local pet store and hope they acctually know what they are doing.

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  • 5 out of 5 stars

    Test Strips Used Often

    By Shelly on Jan 19, 2021

    I use these test strips at least once a week for checking nitrate levels. I have found these test strips aren’t what I’m looking for in terms of determining precise pH in my 60 gal (use the liquid test kit), but it was helpful in my hospital tank. These strips are good for general water parameter checks.

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