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Chewy Promo Codes, Coupons and Discount Codes

You’ll never need a Chewy promo code to sniff out great savings and wag-worthy deals on everything for your pet when you’re part of the Chewy family! We have everyday deals on all the best pet faves, from treats and toys to prescriptions and even furniture, with no Chewy coupon codes to track down—it's just as simple as click and save. For first-time and autoship customers, there are big-time savings available on every order you make, not to mention our daily deals on all the pet-preferred, Chewy-exclusive products from Frisco, American Journey and many more great brands you’ll never need a Chewy discount code to enjoy. Check out our Today’s Deals page filled with savings on our top sellers and hot products for even better deals on your pet’s absolute must-haves, with Chewy discounts you won’t find anywhere else. Plus, our seasonal offers for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and loads more events throughout the year are jam-packed with smart shopping savings to make any pet lover howl when they find the purr-fect gift for their favorite friend. So, shop now and start enjoying all the savings we have to offer—Chewy promo codes not required! 

Frequently Asked Questions About Chewy Promo Codes

How do I use a promo code at Chewy?

Use a promo code at Chewy by typing the code into the box that says “Promo Code” at checkout and clicking the button that says “Apply.” It’s that simple! Each promotion code can only be used once, and certain terms and conditions may apply.

How do I add coupons to Chewy Autoship?

Add coupons to a Chewy Autoship or other Chewy order by filling in the promo code box with your discount code at checkout. You don’t need a coupon or coupon code to get a great Autoship discount from Chewy, though—the savings are applied automatically every time your order ships! You’ll also get 35% off your first Autoship order, no coupon necessary.

Can you use manufacturers coupons on Chewy?

You can use manufacturers coupons on Chewy. To use them, you must place your order and mail your coupon to:

Attn: Chewy Coupons
3251 Hollywood Blvd., Ste. 401
Hollywood, FL 33021

Include the original coupon, your email address, and your order number so our team can process the coupon for you. Chewy cannot accept expired, copied, scanned, emailed, competitor or rebate coupons.

How do I get a Chewy discount?

Get a Chewy discount by checking out Chewy’s Today’s Deals page, where you’ll find great deals on all the hottest and coolest products. Sign up for Autoship to get 35% off your first order and save 5% on every order after that with Autoship and Save. You can also save with daily deals on Chewy Exclusives like American Journey pet food and other great products. Plus, orders over $49 let you save even more with free shipping, no coupon or code required!

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