Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the questions we get the most. If you don't see what's on your mind, reach out to us anytime on phone, chat, or email.


What is the status of my order?

To check the status of your order, go to Orders. Here’s what you will see: 

Preparing for Shipment: This means we’re currently processing and packing the goodies for your pet. You’ll receive an email to let you know we received your order. When your order ships, we’ll send another email with tracking information. 

Shipped: Your order has left our warehouse. Within 24 to 48 hours, you will also see a link to track your package. 

Delivered: Your order has arrived! Orders are delivered 7 days a week before 10 p.m.

How do I cancel or change my order?

A message about current events: Our teams are focused on serving as many pet parents as possible, and due to high demand for essentials, including medication, we’re temporarily not able to change existing orders.

If your order hasn't shipped yet, you can cancel it from your account. Go to Orders, click on the order you want to cancel, and click the "Cancel This Order" link.  

If you need help canceling your order, please send us a message with your order number. We will resolve it as quickly as possible so that your experience is simple and worry-free. If we have already processed your order, we may not be able to cancel it. In that case, we will issue you a refund. We also accept returns within 365 days of purchase. 

How long does it take to get my order?

Most customers can expect to receive their food and supplies within 1 to 3 days. Orders that require prescription approval or personalization may take longer to ship.

How much is shipping?

Orders over $49 ship free! All other orders ship for a flat rate of $4.95.

Who will be delivering my order?

We ship via FedEx and other premium carriers to provide you with the fastest and most reliable service available.

Do I need to be there to sign for it?

Nope! If you're not home, the driver will leave your package at the door, inside your mailbox, or with your doorman.

Do you ship to P.O. boxes, APO/FPO addresses, or international addresses?

No – at this time we are unable to ship to P.O boxes, APO/FPO addresses, and international addresses. We currently only ship within the contiguous US.

What happens if my package gets lost?

All items purchased from are made pursuant to a shipment contract, meaning that the risk of loss and title for such items pass to you upon our delivery to the carrier.

How do you ship fresh, refrigerated or frozen items?

We ship fresh, refrigerated and frozen items separately from other items in your order for the fastest delivery. We use insulated packaging and dry ice to keep items cold or frozen during shipping. The dry ice may be gone when your package arrives, but your items should still feel cold or frozen to the touch.


How do I make a purchase?

To place an order, make sure you are logged in to your Chewy account or create a new account.  

Next, search for the items you would like to order. Use the search bar at the top of the page to search for products. Or, click “Shop by Pet” to browse different categories. Click on a product to see more details. To add the product to your cart, click on the orange button that says “Add to Cart.” 

After you add something to your cart, you can keep shopping or check out. To check out, click on the orange button that says “Proceed to Checkout.” While you’re shopping, you can always click the cart in the upper right corner of your screen to view your shopping cart or proceed to checkout. 

On the checkout page, add or select your shipping address. At this time, we only ship within the contiguous U.S. Next, add your select your payment method. Before you place your order, review the items in your cart. Any discounts or promotions will be reflected in your Order Total. When you’re ready, click the orange button that says “Place Order.” We’ll send you an email confirming your order. 

When will my payment method be charged?

Your payment method will be charged automatically on the date the order is shipped. As soon as you place your order, you may see a pending charge for the total amount of the order. The pending charge will disappear 24 to 48 hours after your order ships. There's no need to call or update anything online.

Why are there multiple charges on my card for a single order?

When you place an order, Chewy contacts the bank that issued your card to confirm your account and reserve funds for your purchase. You’ll see a pending charge, also called an authorization charge, in your bank or credit card account. We only charge your payment method when your items ship.

Your bank will reserve the funds in your account until your items ship or the authorization expires. Depending on your bank’s policy, you may see an authorization charge even for a canceled order. If your items don’t ship, the authorization charge will expire. Some banks may take up to 30 days to remove authorization charges from your account.

We charge your payment method as your items ship. If your items have shipped in more than one box, you may see multiple charges on your payment method:

  • One authorization charge for the grand total of your order
  • Separate, final charges for each shipped box

Rest assured, you’ll only be charged for shipped items.

How do I add a payment method?

To pay with a credit or debit card, go to Payment Methods and click the blue hyperlink that says “Add a New Credit or Debit Card. Fill in the required information exactly as it appears on the card and click the button that says “Save Payment Method.” If you’re using an international credit card, please enter your shipping address in the contiguous U.S. into the billing address field and contact us with your true billing address.

To pay with PayPal, click “Add Your PayPal Account” and you'll be asked to sign in to your PayPal account. After you sign in, you'll be taken back to  

To pay with Apple Pay, visit Wallet & Apple Pay in the settings on your iPhone, iPad or Mac and follow the instructions to set up Apple Pay. After Apple Pay is set up on your device, it will be available as a payment method at Checkout.

To pay with a Chewy Gift Card, go to Gift Cards, select “Add a Gift Card,” and enter your Gift Card number and PIN.  

You can also add or change any of the payment methods we accept at Checkout.

Why is my credit card not working?

If you’re having trouble with your credit card, make sure the billing address matches the address on file with your credit card and/or bank. Enter the name and credit card number exactly the way you see it on the card. Before you place your order, add the CVV, a 3-digit code found on the back of your card.

What information do I need to check out?

Our checkout is easy, fast, and secure. Enter your shipping address and payment method, then place your order!

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Apple Pay and PayPal. We also accept Chewy Gift Cards.


I received a promotion code. How do I apply it?

Applying a promotion code is simple! At Checkout, simply type the code into the box that says “Promo Code.” Then, click the button that says “Apply.” All promotion codes can only be used once. Check Chewy’s terms and conditions found on the email or mailer you received.

Do you accept manufacturer coupons?

Yes, we accept manufacturer coupons. Please place your order and mail your coupon to:

Attn: Chewy Coupons
3251 Hollywood Blvd., Ste. 401
Hollywood, FL 33021

Include the original coupon, your email address, and your recent order number so our customer service team can process the coupon for you. We cannot accept expired, copied, scanned, emailed, competitor, or rebate coupons.

Do you offer senior citizen or military discounts?

At this time, we do not offer any additional discounts for veterans or senior citizens. If you’re looking for additional savings, check out Today’s Deals.

What do strikethrough prices mean?

You may see strikethrough prices like this while shopping for your pet:

Was Price: $14.99
List Price: $14.99

Was Price: This price is determined by the recent price history of an item sold by Chewy. The Was Price is a price that was offered for at least 30 of the past 90 days.

List Price: This is the suggested retail price of an item from a manufacturer, supplier, veterinarian, or other retailer. It’s not necessarily a price that was available from Chewy or other retailers.


How do I request a return or replacement?

Our return policy is simple and worry-free: If you're not 100% unconditionally satisfied with your pet supplies, you can return them within 365 days of purchase.  If you would like to request a return or replacement, please send us a message with your order number.

We do not accept returns or exchanges on prescription medications. However, if the medication you received is incorrect or damaged, we will gladly exchange it for you or provide a refund on a case-by-case basis. does not take title to returned items until the item arrives at our fulfillment center. At our discretion, a refund may be issued without requiring a return. In this situation, does not take title to the refunded item.

What is the status of my refund?

Depending on your banking institution, your refund will be credited back to your original payment method(s) in 3 to 5 business days.


How do I reschedule or delay my Autoship?

Go to Manage Autoship and click on the Autoship you would like to change. To delay your order, click on the white button that says “Skip Shipment.”  

If you want to place your order early, click the orange button that says Order Now” and confirm your selection.

To change how often your Autoship arrives, click the “Change” link in the Frequency section. Select your preferred frequency from the dropdown menu. Updating your frequency will not affect the date of your next order. The frequency of your Autoship orders will change after your next order date. 

To change the date of your next order, click the “Change” link in the Next Order section and select your preferred order date. 

You can change your order date up to 48 hours before your next scheduled order. 

How can I add or remove items in my Autoship?

To add items: go to the product page of the item you'd like to add and click the "Add to Autoship" or "Ship once with next Autoship" button. If you have multiple Autoship orders, you'll be asked to select which one you're adding to!

To remove items: go to Manage Autoship and select your Autoship order. For the item you wish to remove, click on "Remove" and confirm you'd like to remove it from your Autoship order.

How do I cancel my Autoship?

Go to Manage Autoship, select your Autoship, and click the "Cancel This Autoship" button at the bottom of the page. This will cancel all future shipments of your Autoship order.  

How will I know my Autoship is on its way?

We’ll send you a reminder email 3 days before your next scheduled order. You can change your order before it starts processing. We’ll send you another email when your order ships.

How can I change my payment method?

For a single Autoship: Go to Manage Autoship and click your current payment method to see all available payment methods or add a new one. To add a Gift Card, click on “Add a Gift Card” and choose a Gift Card saved to your account or add a new one. 

For multiple Autoships: Go to your Payment Methods, edit your existing payment method or add a new one, and check the "Update your active Autoships to use this payment method" checkbox.

How can I change my shipping address?

Go to Manage Autoship, choose your Autoship with the address you want to update, and click your current address to see all available addresses or add a new one.

When will my payment method be charged?

Your payment method will be charged automatically on the date your Autoship order is shipped. We prepare your order 48 hours before your next scheduled order date, and you may see a pending charge as soon as we start preparing your order. The pending charge will disappear 24 to 48 hours after your order has shipped. There's no need to call or update anything online.

Why has the price of an item in my Autoship order changed?

When your next Autoship delivery is coming up, we’ll send you an email reminder that includes the most up-to-date prices for the items in your order. Prices can fluctuate as we stay competitive with other online retailers. 

What is Autoship?

Autoship lets you schedule regular deliveries of your pet supplies, so you never run out of pet food or other essentials like potty pads and treats ever again.

How do I set up an Autoship so I can receive a recurring delivery?

Just add your favorite items to your cart, proceed to checkout, select "Yes" to Autoship at checkout, and set your schedule.

What are the benefits of Autoship?

After your first Autoship discount, you’ll save an extra 5% on select brands for all future Autoship orders.

Is there a membership fee?

There's no membership fee, and you can cancel at any time.

Can I order prescription medications with Autoship?

Yes, if you have a valid prescription or remaining refills on file, you can set up an Autoship for your pet's prescription medications.  

If we do not receive a prescription, or if your prescription is expiring soon, one of our team members will reach out to your vet to obtain approval. We will contact you if we need any information from you.  

Prescription Items

How do I order my pet's prescription items?

Simply search for the item and add it to your cart. At Checkout, enter your pet and vet information, select your approval method, and place your order.

If you select “I want Chewy to contact my veterinarian” while placing your order, we will contact your veterinarian on your behalf to get approval for your pet’s prescription.

How do I order my pet’s veterinary diet food and treats?

Simply search for the item and add it to your cart. At Checkout, enter your pet and vet information.

Once you place your order, you have the option for Chewy to call your vet for authorization. For even faster service, you can:

Upload an authorization to your account.


Email the authorization to

Do I need to have a prescription on hand before I order prescription or veterinary diet items?

It is not required to have a written prescription on hand when you place your order.

If you select “I want Chewy to contact my veterinarian” while placing your order, we will contact your veterinarian on your behalf to get approval for your pet’s prescription.

What is the status of my pharmacy order?

Your pet’s prescriptions are a priority for our pharmacists. Go to Prescriptions to check the status of your order. 

Processing Prescriptions: We are working to get your approval to have your pet’s healthcare item shipped as soon as possible. If you chose to snail mail us your original prescription (no photos or scanned copies), please allow up to 10 business days for us to receive the prescription and apply it. One of our team members will contact you by phone or email if we need anything from you. 

Expired Prescriptions: We no longer have a valid prescription on file. The prescription has either passed the expiration date or has no more refills remaining. Click “Refill Now” to place a new order for the item. Once the order is placed, our team will work to obtain the approval. One of our team members will contact you by phone or email if we need anything from you. 

Active Prescriptions: The prescription we have on file for your pet’s healthcare item is still active. No further action is needed.  

Why hasn’t my pharmacy order shipped?

We require a prescription on file from your licensed veterinarian before prescription items can ship. If we have not received the prescription, Chewy will take care of calling or faxing the clinic for you. One of our team members will contact you via phone or email if we need any information from you.

How will I know when my pharmacy order ships?

Once a prescription is approved, we’ll notify you when the item ships. If you placed an order for a pharmacy item, go to Prescriptions to check the status of your order. We will contact you if we need any information from you.

I ordered a refrigerated medication for my pet. How will it stay cool?

We use insulated coolers to ship refrigerated medications. These coolers keep your pet’s medication at a safe temperature for up to 72 hours. 

If you order a refrigerated medication over the weekend, it will ship on Monday. We pack your order right before shipping to keep items cool.  

What prescription items do you sell?

We sell both prescription food and medications.

How do I know which items require a prescription?

All prescription items are marked with an “Rx” badge next to the item name.

Is Chewy Pharmacy accredited?

Yes, Chewy Pharmacy has NABP (National Association of Boards of Pharmacy) and LegitScript accreditation.

Is Chewy Pharmacy a licensed Pharmacy?

Chewy operates licensed pharmacies at the following locations:

  • Arizona - 255 South 143rd Avenue Suite B, Goodyear, AZ 85338 - Arizona License: Y007787
  • Kentucky - 2815 Watterson Trail, Louisville, KY, 40219 - Kentucky License: P07685
  • Kentucky - 11403 Bluegrass Parkway Suite 650, Jeffersontown, KY 40299 - Kentucky License: P08055
  • Pennsylvania - 360 Research Drive, Pittston, PA 18640 - Pennsylvania License: PP483043

Is Chewy Compounding Pharmacy licensed or otherwise verified?

Chewy Compounding Pharmacy is licensed in its resident state of Kentucky and each state into which we ship compounded medications. 

Chewy Compounding Pharmacy has achieved PCAB Accreditation, so you can be assured that you have selected a pharmacy that is committed to meeting national quality standards.

What is compounding?

Compounding is a way for licensed pharmacists to create a customized medication that meets your pet’s specific needs. Compounding pharmacists mix or change one or more FDA-approved medications to prepare a special medication for your pet. For example, if a medication is only available in pill form, the pharmacist might create it in liquid, gel, or capsule form.

Why do some pets need compounded medications?

Your pet may have a specific health need that cannot be addressed by an FDA-approved drug. For example:

  • Your pet has trouble taking pills but will take medication in a flavored liquid or other form.
  • Your pet needs medication in a strength that is not commercially available.
  • Your pet is allergic to a specific ingredient in a medication.

Always talk with your veterinarian about any concerns you have about your pet’s health so they can prescribe a treatment for your pet’s unique needs.

How and where does Chewy source the ingredients for compounding?

We source all our compounding ingredients from FDA-registered manufacturers and distributors.

Where does Chewy Pharmacy source its prescription items?

We source our prescription items from manufacturers registered with the FDA and distributors licensed by states. Our priority is your pet's health, so we carry the same high-quality prescription items found in vet clinics. Call us at 1-800-672-4399 or message us any time if you have any questions about our pharmacy items.

How can I reach Chewy Pharmacy?

For questions about medications, our pharmacists are available at 1-877-977-3879 and

For questions about prescription food, we’re available 24/7 at 1-800-672-4399 and

Do prescription medications require authorization from my vet?

Yes, all prescription items require authorization from your vet.

How will you contact my vet?

We will contact your vet via fax. If we don't receive a response we will call them. We will make 3 additional attempts to reach your vet. In the event we don't get a response, we will unfortunately need to cancel your order.

If I have a written prescription or authorization, how do I send it to Chewy?

It is not necessary to have a written prescription or authorization on hand before you place your order with Chewy. However, if you do have a written prescription or authorization, please follow the steps below.

For veterinary diets, there are two options for sending a written authorization:

Go to Prescriptions in your account and upload your authorization.


Email the authorization to

For all other prescription items, prescriptions must be sent by mail to:

Chewy Pharmacy
3621 Fern Valley Rd
Louisville, KY 40219

Remember to include your order number along with the prescription!

How does Chewy get prescription approval or authorization from my vet?

Both prescription medications and veterinary diet items require approval from your veterinarian. Chewy contacts your veterinarian via phone and fax to get approval.

How long does it take to process my prescription after the pharmacy receives it by mail?

Usually, prescriptions are processed by the pharmacy within 24–48 hours after they are received by mail.

How can I tell if medications have expired?

  • Check for an expiration date printed by the manufacturer on the bottle or box.
  • Check for an expiration date printed on the pharmacy’s label.
  • Speak with your pharmacist or veterinarian if you have any questions about the safety of the medication. If the validity of any medication is in question for any reason, properly dispose of the product rather than risking the safety of your pet.

How do I properly dispose of leftover or expired medication?

Your veterinary clinic can help you determine the best way to dispose of medications in your area. Many pharmacies and veterinary clinics will accept expired or leftover medications and dispose of them properly for you. More information on proper disposal of unused medicines can be found on the following FDA website:

Can I set up auto refills for medications that treat a chronic condition?

Yes — if you have valid refills on file, you can set up an Autoship for medications.

Do I have to have an account to order prescription items?

Yes, you need to have an account on Chewy to place any orders.

Do I have to set up a Pet Profile?

We are required by law to know your pet's medical issues, allergies, weight, breed, and age as it is necessary to ensure safety in dispensing prescription medications for your pet.

Who do I contact if my pet has a negative reaction to the medication?

Please immediately contact your vet if your pet has a negative reaction to the medication.

Why is my pet’s medication coated with flavoring?

Some medications are coated with flavoring to taste better to your pet. This can make it easier to give your pet the medication. Pets may find the flavoring irresistible, so make sure to store the medication in a safe place that’s out of your pet’s reach.

What happens if my pet licks the topical product I put on them?

Keep an eye on your pet and try to prevent them from licking. If your pet continues to lick, or licks the product off, contact your veterinarian immediately.

Do anti-licking products work?

Although you can purchase anti-licking products from Chewy, no anti-licking product is guaranteed to be 100% effective. Before you start using a new product, talk with your veterinarian about the best option for your pet.

Gift Cards

What types of gift cards do you offer?

We currently offer eGift Cards, a digital gift that’s sent by email. We don’t currently offer physical gift cards.

How are eGift Cards sent to recipients?

Chewy eGift Cards are emailed to recipients within one hour after you place your order.

What should I do if my recipient hasn't received their eGift Card?

Ask your recipient to check their spam folder for an eGift Card email from Chewy. You can also call us 24/7 at 1-800-672-4399 and we’ll be happy to help!

Do eGift Cards expire?

No, Chewy eGift Cards have no expiration date.

Are there any fees for eGift Cards?

There are no fees for our eGift Cards.

Can I return an eGift Card?

Unfortunately, eGift Cards are not returnable or refundable for cash except as required by law.

How do I return an item I purchased with an eGift Card?

If you’re not 100% unconditionally satisfied with your pet supplies, please call us 24/7 at 1-800-672-4399. We’ll provide instructions for returning your item(s) and apply a refund to the tender you purchased the item(s) with.

How can I use a Chewy eGift Card?

You can use our eGift Cards to shop on the Chewy website and mobile apps. Simply add items to your cart and go to checkout. At checkout, click “Apply Chewy Gift Card” and enter your eGift Card number and PIN.

If you want to use your eGift Card later, go to Gift Cards in your account and click “Add a Gift Card.” This will save your eGift Card in your Chewy account so you can use it on a future order.

What if my eGift Card doesn't cover the full amount of my order?

At this time, you can only redeem one eGift Card per order. If your eGift Card doesn’t cover the full amount of your order, you will need to add another payment method in checkout to cover the remaining order total. 

How can I purchase a bulk or corporate order of eGift Cards?

Unfortunately, we don't currently offer bulk or corporate eGift Card orders.

I accidentally sent my eGift Card to the wrong email address.

Please call us 24/7 at 1-800-672-4399 and we’ll be happy to help!

I have a Chewy eGift Card but I can’t find my eGift Card number or PIN.

Please call us 24/7 at 1-800-672-4399 and we’ll be happy to help!


How do I contact customer service?

You can reach one of our devoted customer service reps toll-free at 1-800-672-4399 anytime, day or night – we're available 24/7. You can also chat or email and we'll get right back to you with a response.

How is Chewy supporting those impacted by the crisis in Ukraine?

Chewy is making a $1 million donation of much-needed pet essentials, including food, products and supplies to Greater Good Charities to support their crisis relief efforts in Ukraine.

What are your customer service hours?

We're available all day every day, 24/7, 365 days a year.

How can I help support relief efforts in Ukraine?

Chewy has partnered with GreaterGood Charities to provide Chewy customers with an opportunity to help support those that have been directly impacted by the crisis in Ukraine by donating products via Wish ListSimply donate to the designated Wish List for Greater Good Charities and all donations will go directly to relief efforts for Ukraine.

What is Wish List?

Wish List is a feature that allows shelters, rescues and nonprofits to curate a personalized collection of products they need to support the animals in their care. You can find a local shelter, rescue or nonprofit, shop their Wish List by adding items to your donation cart and checkout for Chewy to deliver the product directly to them. Click here for more information and to learn how you can join us in giving back to those in need.

How can I find out when an item is back in stock?

When an item is out of stock, you can sign up to be notified when it’s available again. Go to the item page, enter your email address, and Click “Notify Me” to sign up.

You can sign up for notifications for as many items as you’d like. We’ll send one email notification for each item that’s back in stock. Signing up for notifications doesn’t reserve or guarantee item availability.

Where do the product donations go?

Chewy is working together with Greater Good Charities to distribute requested pet food, products and supplies to crisis relief teams that are based in European countries near and around Ukraine to help support pets that have been impacted by the ongoing crisis.

Is there a minimum purchase amount for my order?

No, there is no minimum purchase required. You may purchase as many items to donate as you would like.

Do you charge sales tax?

We charge sales tax for items shipped to the following states: AL, AR, AZ, CA, CO, CT, DC, FL, GA, IA, ID, IL, IN, KS, KY, LA, MA, MD, ME, MI, MN, MO, MS, NC, ND, NE, NJ, NM, NV, NY, OH, OK, PA, RI, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VA, VT, WA, WI, WV, and WY.

Chewy, Inc. and its eligible affiliates will collect the simplified sellers use tax (SSUT) of 8% for Alabama customers and the tax will be remitted on the customer's behalf to the Alabama Department of Revenue.

  • Chewy, Inc: SSU-R010020012
  • Chewy Pharmacy KY, LLC: SSU-R010115597

I have more questions about how Chewy is supporting pets. Who can I get in touch with?

Please feel free to reach out to if you have any further questions.

Do you work with shelters, rescues, and other pet-related organizations?

Our Chewy Gives Back Program was founded in 2012 to provide support for shelters, rescues, and other qualified animal-centric non-profit organizations across the United States.

For non-profit animal welfare organizations, learn more about our network benefits and how to join.

For Chewy customers and supporters, learn more about our efforts and join us in giving back through Wish List.

What's your Privacy Policy?

Your privacy is very important to us. Read our Privacy Policy for more details.