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Oxbow Western Timothy Hay Small Animal Food

How many ounces would the 50 lb bag be? And how long is the shelf life on the 50 lb bag?

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  • The 50 pound bag is equivalent to 800 ounces. If stored properly in a cool dark place with good ventilation, the Timothy Hay Food may keep for 6 months or longer.

    By on Jan 24, 2018 Report

  • I asked my vet this question and he said that if it is kept in a controlled temperature environment (I keep it in my AC/heated storage room in my house), well ventilated, it will stay good indefinitely. I also looked it up and it said the same on a horse website, though it said using it within 3 ye...more ars is ideal.

    By Eclectic on Oct 3, 2020 Report