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Pet Parents Washable Male & Female Dog Diapers, 3 count

My older lab has soft diarrhea and cant feel when she needs to go. will these diapers work for soft stool?

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  • Other customers have reported successes with using the Pet Parents Washable Dog Diapers for defecation incontinence.

    By on Mar 16, 2018 Report

  • My 13-year-old Shepard has the very same issue. A year ago I started diapering her and changing her diet so as to firm up her stools so she can feel when she needs to go. I use these diaper holders with disposable baby diapers or feminine pads (which I have cut a hole in for her tail) inserted insid...more e. (Slip the disposable onto her tail first, all the way up; then slip the diaper holder on over her tail & attach it.) I mix her kibble with rice, uncooked quick oats, grated or diced lightly cooked yams, carrots, milled flax and chia seed, & finely chopped chicken (electric chopper or food processor); topped with broth from the chicken & laced with plain yogurt (probiotic). When I added some Just Food for Dogs frozen dog food to the mix, her stools firmed up enough to prompt her to go outside now. She rarely has diahrea now, as long as I keep her on this diet. (I make 3 days worth at a time.) Yes, a lot of work, but less than constant diarrhea.

    By SassysMommy on Apr 8, 2018 Report

  • My Lab/ Irish Wolfhound mix had some nerve damage that results in him going without warning. These diapers have been working great. I had to enlarge the tail hole a little to accommodate his large fluffy tail, but these fit so much better than disposables I've tried.

    By Colleen on Mar 6, 2019 Report