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Why non clumping VS clumping litter?

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  • Non-clumping absorbs more of the waste, while the clumping litter traps more of the odor. Non-clumping usually requires changing out the litter at least once a week, while clumping requires less changing.

    on Jul 8, 2017 Report

  • Clumping litter contains sodium bentonite which is highly absorbent, causing the waste to clump, so you can scoop it out. There are pros and cons to both kinds, there is no right or wrong. Clumping litter is heavy and can be expensive, but it is also convenient and you can go longer without box ...more changings. Non-clumping litter is cheaper and cats seem to prefer it's texture. But you cannot go more than 1 week without changing the entire box (sooner, if you have multiple cats). I have used both and I still can't decide which I prefer.

    on Aug 6, 2017 top250Contributor Report

  • Kittens can't have clumping because they eat it and it makes them sick. I use non-clumping for my foster mama and tiny kittens.

    on Jul 17, 2017 Report

  • I've tried both and personally prefer the nonclumping. My cats pee so much that there's nothing left in the litter box after sifting out the clumps. Lol

    on Aug 25, 2018 Report

  • I use non clumping litter cause I have multiple cats and they don’t like to use it if there are clumps.. I’d rather change the box every day or every other day than have to scoop multiple times of day. Just a convenience thing for me.

    on Feb 23, 2019 Report

  • I have used both but both my cat and i prefer non clumping. it's way less smelly and way last dusty. I feel like a lot of people think clumping smells less but to me, once the cat uses it, the clumps of cat pee smell horrible. my dad - who hates cats - is always surprised that my cat's box doesn'...more t stink.

    on Jul 25, 2020 Report

  • I am thinking of going back to non-clumping because clumping is too heavy. If you are older or have back problems, non-clumping will be easier. Clumping is also dustier. The lightweight versions of clumping are very costly. On the other hand, clumping litter enables you to monitor the size of t...more he litter balls (i.e. how much kitty is weeing).

    on May 17, 2020 top250Contributor Report

  • I'm old my hands are so weakthat Ii havent't been scooping my cat'slitterbox well enough it's been convincing me to empty and wash itas often as I usedto before clumping litter existedi

    on Nov 5, 2020 Report

  • My cat was allergic to the clumping litter!

    on Apr 23, 2021 Report

  • I used Tidy Cat "clumping" and tried "non-clumping" litter for a long time. I clean my litter boxes (3) each morning before going to work. I have 7 feral cats. My house does not smell with cat litter and, though non-clumping litter is less expensive, I still prefer the clumping for the timebeing. ...more My hands hurt and are weak with RA and anything easier to handle and saving time works for me. I also use Arm & Hammer Litter Deodorant and coconut Charcoil that I sprinkle in the litter boxes as litter "ages." It helps to keep odors down. I add new litter occasionally to the litter boxes as you remove clumping litter when cleaning out litter. I order 4 x 8 Charcoil (unetable) from Envirosupply on the internet to sprinkle in my litter boxes and it helps a lot as well in holding down odor. Surprising? I bet! Love my Pet Family and sure you do too!!

    on Apr 21, 2021 Report