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American Journey Limited Ingredient Salmon & Sweet Potato Recipe Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

How strong is the fish odor of this food?

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  • With Deboned Salmon as the first ingredient, this food would have a stronger odor.

    By on Aug 10, 2017 Report

  • This food does not smell the best, but my 3 dogs love it. They like the smell and they don't like the beef after trying the salmon.

    By Tracie on Oct 30, 2017 Report

  • Of four bags only one had a very strong fishy smell. But any fish food will be smelly. Two of my three dogs are allergic to poultry. I've fed fish-based kibble for years and stinky beards and breath are just part of keeping my dogs healthy.

    By TPen on Feb 17, 2019 Report

  • I think it smells awful. & friends visiting when we have fed the dogs instantly asked what smelled. BUT, the food itself is great & the price is right for a limited ingredient salmon food. I'll probably just stock up on things to freshen their breath. I now store the food container in my garage.

    By e72e on Mar 27, 2021 Report

  • I switched my dog to this a few weeks ago and the salmon oil makes him smell really fishy. After about 2wks I could smell it coming from his skin. But his skin cleared up, eyes are no longer bloodshot, and overall is doing much better with his food allergies.

    By Foster on Nov 6, 2019 Report

  • I don't think the smell is bad at all. My dogs seem to like it. I just started the Limited Ingredient a week ago.

    By Debs303 on Jan 3, 2019 Report

  • It only smells when you are right up on it like putting it in the bowl. My Great Danes been on it for 4 years and I hate fish so if it was bad I would not have it in my home.

    By Briana on Jan 26, 2022 Report

  • Pretty strong. Our dogs love it though. I don’t have to buy treats anymore. I use this for training too

    By jennh12 on Aug 26, 2021 Report