Back Glad For Pets Activated Carbon Dog Training Pads, 23" x 23"

Glad For Pets Activated Carbon Dog Training Pads, 23" x 23"

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  • Do these pads have a protective plastic outer lining to protect flooring and prevent leaks? I have laminate floors that are not leak friendly

    This product is made with five layers of Glad-level strength for leak-proof protection. The quilted technology works to lock in up to three cups of liquid, preventing spreading and stains, while the polymer layer turns the liquid into gel.

    By on Jun 15, 2018 Report

    No they do not have a plastic outer lining. I am a 12 week old female miniature dachshund 4 pound runt. When I potty it soaks through to the floor and my mom has to mop the tile with Odoban before she puts another one down, which is every time I potty.

    By Lilo on Jul 23, 2021 Report

    I have a disabled dog that stays on these pads 24 hours a day. I use them as liners for her bed and anywhere she is placed. She uses them as needed to urinate and I have had NO leaks in the YEARS I have been using the pads. Side note: My dog has not had any adverse reaction or rash while sitting/ l...more aying on these pads. I highly recommend Glad For Pets Carbon Dog training pads.

    By Gina on Sep 12, 2021 Report

    I have no leaking problem from these. I have two dogs one being a golden on training and my fence was knocked down so no outside off leash these have been a life saver!

    By willow on Oct 12, 2021 Report

  • On the carbon pee pads which side goes up-dark side or lite side?

    The dark side of the pad would face down.

    By on Oct 15, 2018 Report

    plastic side faces floor to protect flooring, soft side with charcoal interior faces up to absorb liquid

    By kittymommy on Aug 14, 2019 Report

    The container says the plastic side goes down to protect the floor. I assume that is the light color side.

    By Gravity on Oct 8, 2020 Report

    I think strip r for extra protection

    By Oreomom on Dec 17, 2019 Report

    One side should look shiny and plastic like and the other should look absorbent. For these ones, the dark side is the absorbent side.

    By AGau on Aug 26, 2019 Report

  • My dog often times poops in the house, not pees. Are these pads good for dog poop as well?

    The training pad can protect against urine and feces.

    By on Sep 13, 2018 Report

    Yes these pads are great. My 2 year old as been trained in house and urinates and poop on the pads. My dog only weighs 12 lbs. I can"t get her out all the time (bad back & legs)( ME Not Her) so this is great for me. I buy the 28 x 34. Try them.

    By sparkleplenty on Dec 18, 2019 Report

  • Do these come in a larger size?

    At the moment, this is the largest size this is available in.

    By on Oct 11, 2018 Report

  • If it’s placed in the crate, will the puppy not try to eat it?

    These pads are developed with a pheromonal attractant, so your pet knows they're the designated area to use the restroom on.

    By on Aug 22, 2018 Report

  • Will these neutralize the odor of cat urine?

    These training pads were designed for dogs, however it would be suitable for cats. These pads instantly absorbs urine and turns it into gel for a mess-free cleanup.

    By on Jul 17, 2020 Report

    I use these under my litter boxes because I have a couple of huge cats and sometimes they miss the extra large box. They seem to contain the odor of the urine in my house. They are sturdy and last. I can reuse them if they haven't been ripped or urinated on. Once urinated on I dispose of it.

    By TXNani on Jul 20, 2021 Report

  • Would these be good for A single use in the airport?

    This item is perfect of all indoor use.

    By on Apr 11, 2018 Report

  • What if your dog eats it?

    This training pad is not intended for consumption. Please monitor your pet while using this product. If ingested, we recommend speaking to your pet's veterinarian.

    By on Mar 19, 2021 Report

  • Are the pads scented

    These training pads are unscented.

    By on May 4, 2020 Report

  • My puppy like to chew them is that safe for them?

    These pads do not contain any toxins that are harmful to pets. However its recommend to reward your pet with a treat to detour him from chewing.

    By on Jan 13, 2021 Report