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  • where can I get replacement filters

    The filters that correspond with this aquarium kit is the Marina Slim Filter Carbon Cartridge, 3 count.

    By on Jun 9, 2018 Report

    I have 5 of these. I use filter floss first compartment, then fill rest with bio rings. All my tanks are super clear

    By luvpaps on Sep 2, 2018 Report

  • Does this tank have a day and night option on the lighting?

    This aquarium features a long-lasting, natural daylight effect LED lighting module incorporated into aquarium canopy. It does not have a night time option.

    By on Jun 14, 2021 Report

  • Can i use this tank for my two turtles?

    This aquarium kit is not recommended for turtles as they require a heating lamp and a landing dock.

    By on Nov 15, 2018 Report

    Turtles need a heat lamp, a UVB bulb to supplement sun rays. a landing dock basically a basking platform for them to get out of the water when they need to. and a common red ear slider needs at least a 40 gallon aquarium and as an adult will be the size of a dinner plate and will require at least a ...more 75 gallon.

    By Krissy on Dec 28, 2018 Report

    It appears to me that the 'kit' is for fish but the tank itself would work for turtles. Just be mindful of the type of turtle. A mud or must, the smaller breeds, would be fine in this tank as long as you purchase the heat, dock and lights they require. A small red slider would be fine when young ...more but you would need to buy a larger tanks as he grows. I have my two turtles, a red slider and a mud turtle in 10 gallon tanks but they are both quite young.

    By DebS on Feb 7, 2021 Report

  • How much gravel would be needed with a 20 gallon aquarium?

    Determining how much substrate to buy for your new aquarium depends on the size and shape of your tank, as well as the depth of the substrate bed you wish to achieve. We suggest 1 pound of substrate per gallon, to achieve a 1 inch bed or 2 pounds per gallon, for a 2 inch deep bed.

    By on Mar 22, 2018 Report

    I chose 20 lbs. 10 lbs sand, covered by 10 lbs of gravel. But I have a live planted aquarium, so the sand will help with rooting.

    By JohnAaron on Jul 2, 2020 Report

  • would this tank be suitable for neon tetras

    This aquarium kit is suitable for goldfish, white cloud, platy, zebra danio, dwarf gourami, bleeding heart tetra and guppies.

    By on Mar 13, 2020 Report

    Neon Tetras, although technically considered a "nano" species, actually require a minimum of twenty gallons. Because of their unique schooling behaviors, they must be kept in a group of ten or more. Fifteen Neon Tetras can be housed in a twenty gallon without a problem, but proper water changes must...more be performed on schedule. The tank must be cycled beforehand to help stabilize water parameters and to prevent any future spikes of ammonia or nitrite. Since Neon Tetras in captivity are not as hardy as they could be due to selective breeding and inbreeding, the tank must also be established, meaning that it has been running for a minimum of two months. Otherwise, parameters could spike, creating an unsafe environment for your aquatic friends. Once the process of cycling and establishing is complete, then, and only then, can Neon Tetras be added. As for the tank features itself, the hood is suitable for low light plants and the filtration system is, personally, one of my favorite HOB filters in this hobby. With four separate sections for media, I like to take advantage of this opportunity, adding fine filter sponge in the first section, ceramic rings in the next two, then Seachem Renew in the last (avoid using activated carbon, as it removes crucial minerals from the water column, making it unsuitable for fish and plants unless additional supplements are added, which can be expensive). The sponge that surrounds the filter intake makes it safe for small fish and invertebrates, while also creating additional area for Beneficial Bacteria to colonize. Overall, I recommend this kit as a fine setup for beginners and experts alike, and I hope to read your review! Good luck ;)

    By MattTheHamsterGuy on Dec 6, 2020 top50 Report

  • Does the lid/filter cover the whole top of this aquarium, or will my frogs be able to hop out?

    The lid fully covers the whole top of the tank except where the cut out is for the filter but it is flush to the filter.

    By on Nov 24, 2017 Report

    Depends on the size of your frogs. Small to medium frogs would be able to get out through the filter cut out.

    By JohnAaron on Jul 2, 2020 Report

  • Is this a High flow or low flow filter?

    The Marina Slim S20 clip-on filter comes equipped with an adjustable flow control so you can adjust the water flow level in your tank.

    By on Aug 28, 2019 Report

  • Does this filter have different flow settings?

    The included S20 filter doesn't have an adjustable flow rate.

    By on Apr 9, 2018 Report

    Yes, you can adjust the flow rate. I love these filters and have them on all 5 of my tanks. You can customize the media, do not buy the refills. I use filter floss next to intake, and fill rest with bio rings.

    By luvpaps on Sep 2, 2018 Report

  • How do u hook up the LED lights? Where does it connect to??

    Connect the power cord of the canopy/LED light module to the transformer, and then plug transformer into the electrical outlet. Make sure to create a "drip loop" for safety. The on/off switch for the canopy/LED light module is located on the power cord. You can view the full assembly PDF instruction...more s in our "Instructions" Tab.

    By on Jun 7, 2018 Report

  • Would this work as a nano reef aquarium?

    This tank is not suitable for a Nano Reef as it is a fresh water tank.

    By on May 7, 2018 Report