Dog Halloween Costumes

Whether October is approaching or you just feel like making your dog look extra cute, we’ve got the dog Halloween costumes to make your pup the coolest canine on the block. Chewy carries all the best dog Halloween costumes, including funny dog Halloween costumes, licensed movie character costumes, classic costumes and more. Our vast inventory of Halloween costumes for dog dress up occasions will help you get your pup suited up for any paw-ty, any time of the year.

Outfit your pint-sized pup in one of the adorable small dog Halloween costumes made just for the littles. Turn your tiny terror into a teeny taco or make him look fin-tastic in a sweet shark getup. You can also find cute dog Halloween costumes for medium and larger buddies, including spooky vampire and mummy outfits and spider costumes that just scream Halloween. Big dogs can play dress-up in our large dog Halloween costumes, too—try a dashing tux outfit for any party or make your big boy into a werewolf or cowboy for trick or treating.

If you’re having trouble coming up with dog Halloween costume ideas, check out some of the trending dog Halloween costumes on our site. Your delivery drivers will love seeing a canine in a UPS outfit come running to greet them, and the millennials out there will surely enjoy seeing a tail-wagging avocado at brunch.

Find everything you need to celebrate the season in the Halloween pet shop on our site. Shop for spooky dog Halloween toys and stock up on tasty dog Halloween treats, too. You’ll also find some cute dog Halloween bandanas to dress your dog up for the holiday without all the fuss of a costume. Chewy has everything you need to outfit your dog for Halloween or any costume-worthy event. Check out our great selection of dog Halloween costumes and find something paws-itively delightful for your pup to wear!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can dogs wear Halloween costumes for?

Dogs can wear Halloween costumes safely for short periods of time, but be sure to monitor them for signs of distress or overheating and take the costume off if there’s any doubt. Any costume you put on your dog should fit properly and not be too heavy or prevent a trip hazard, and you should never leave a costumed dog unattended. Bandanas and lightweight accessories can be a great alternative to heavier and hotter costumes during holidays, too. Use good judgment, observe your dog carefully and consult with your vet if you have concerns about how to safely dress up your pet.

Can cats wear dog Halloween costumes?

Cats can wear some Halloween costumes made for smaller dogs, but a safer option is to look for costumes made or labeled specifically for cats. Certain fit and design details may make dog costumes uncomfortable for cats, and you never want to take the chance of endangering or overburdening your kitty. Check out some of the great cat Halloween costumes on our site to find the perfect getup for your feline.

What are the most popular dog Halloween costumes?

The most popular dog Halloween costumes include classic costumes like mummy, prisoner and pirate costumes as well as newer styles like taco, dinosaur and delivery driver outfits. Check out our trending dog Halloween costumes to see what’s hot right now or check out the classic Halloween dog costumes section to see some tried-and-true favorites.

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