Dog Fashion Accessories

Who says dogs don’t need accessories? Well, even if you think they don’t necessarily need dog apparel accessories, you have to admit that dogs look pretty spiffy with a handkerchief tied around their necks. They also make great props for family photo shoots and come in handy when there’s a special occasion to get dressed up for. As you shop for your usual pet supplies, you’re sure to come across some doggie accessories that would look pretty smart on your pooch. After all, there’s no harm in looking!

Dog apparel like a dog bow tie or bandanas for dogs come in all patterns and styles. These accoutrements can be bold and colorful, fancy and high-class, or sharp and understated, or they can even make a statement. It all depends on your personality and your pet’s sense of style. No matter which way you go with your choice of dog apparel, your pup is sure to get noticed at the dog park with her brand-new accessory.

Is your dog the dapper type? Even if they’ve never made a best-dressed list, you have to agree that all dogs look cool sporting a dog bow tie. And you’re in luck, because we happen to carry some! Blueberry Pet’s handmade dog bow ties easily attach to any collar, and they come in packs of two in a nice gift box. You can use them for multiple dogs, switch them out or give them as a present to a fellow dog lover. Snappy dressers also love Pet Life’s Fashionable and Trendy Dog Neck Tie or the Dog Fashion Living Tuxedo Dog Bandana for formal events.

If your pooch has a vibrant, lively personality, we’ve got not-so-traditional dog bandanas in every pattern imaginable. Browse designs like smiley faces, skulls and crossbones, patriotic or even flip flops. There are also plenty of bandanas for dogs with sayings that label your dog as a “Hero” or “Beach Bum” or announce things like “I make people happy.”

Of course, you might also go for the more functional dog bandana that’s got an LED light for visibility during nighttime walks and outings. Whichever you choose, your pooch is sure to be a canine fashionista.

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