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When it comes to maintaining your aquarium, a few questions might come to mind. How will your fish get fed if you go out of town? What’s the safest way to bond aquarium accessories to your tank? How will you catch your fish if you need to without having to dip your hand in the water? Luckily for you, we have the answers and the right aquarium maintenance products that can help. If you’re planning a trip and won’t be home to feed your fish for a few days, the Current USA AquaChef Aquarium Fish Feeder ensures that your fish won’t miss a meal while you’re away. This moisture-resistant hopper keeps food fresh and will feed your fish up to four times a day. You can also adjust the feed lever to regulate the amount of food dispensed and choose to do a single or double feeding. There may come a time when you have to take your fish out of their home for a bit. That’s when an aquarium maintenance product like the Marina Fine Blue Nylon Net with Handle will come in handy. This finely woven anti-snag nylon net is specifically designed to gently capture fish without the worry of pulling at their scales or tainting the water with lotions or oils from your hands. Are you looking to add some style to your aquarium? Fish tank maintenance products also include ways to keep your tank décor items in place. Instant Ocean HoldFast Epoxy Stick for Fish & Reef Aquariums is an extremely strong, yet non-toxic, two-part epoxy stick that can be used to bond all types of materials, including rocks, corals, slate and plants, so you can create steps, caves, cliffs or even waterfalls. It’s safe for all fish and invertebrates and can be used with both freshwater and marine reef aquariums. From fish feeders to nets and much more, shop the best aquarium maintenance accessories here on Chewy today.

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