Wet Dog Food for Adult Dogs

Nourish your favorite furry friend for a lifetime of health and happiness with you when you fill her bowl with the right wet adult dog food. As she leaves the puppy stage, she has new nutritional needs. Adult food focuses on helping her maintain her health by providing a balanced diet of protein, carbs, fat and essential vitamins.

Many pet parents discover wet dog food for adults is enjoyed by their pal much more than kibble. Plus, canned adult dog food is great for furbabies with teeth issues. You’ll find a variety of appealing textures like creamy pates, chunks in gravy with hearty chunks covered in irresistible gravy and stew options inspired by slow cooker meals. When deciding which is right for your furbaby, look for ones that are made for her breed size because it will supply the nutrients and calories she needs.

How you feed your fur-iend sets her up for lifelong health and fun with you. When she first comes home, be sure to start with wet puppy food. It supports her growing body and mind. When she reaches her golden years, turn to senior wet dog food. Work with your vet to determine if a special diet is right for your dog. We offer grain free wet dog food, limited ingredient wet dog food and prescription dog food to help meet your dog’s unique dietary needs. And don’t forget the dog treats! They’re a great way to help with training and rewarding her throughout the day. You can shop online at Chewy any time for wet adult dog food and more essentials and fun for your fur-iend!

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