Dog Agility Training

Running a dog through a dog agility course is a great way for a pup to enjoy a hearty dose of stimulation and exercise. As the dog and owner work together to navigate the course, the process is also a great bonding experience for both. There are dog agility competitions that you can enter him into, but in order to get to that level, you’ll have to first teach your dog the basics of working through a course. With the right dog agility equipment, you can work with your dog in the confines of your own backyard.

A typical dog agility course has several components. There are a series of jumps that your dog will be instructed to go over, and a set of weave poles that you will instruct your dog to wind in and out of. You can also try out dog walks that a pup will run up and down, tunnels, or pause tables that your pup will hop on top of to hold a sit. Some dog agility courses also contain a teeter-totter, A-frame or tire jump.

In order to master these, you will want to practice extensively with your pup. Chewy offers a variety of dog agility training supplies that you can install in your own backyard or use within your home in order to perfect your dog’s agility skills. The HDP collapsible agility dog training tunnel is waterproof and tear-resistant and comes with a carrying case, giving pet owners the option of taking it to parks and other locations to practice. The Outward Hound Zip & Zoom indoor agility kit for dogs allows you to bring the excitement of dog agility to your living room with 18-inch poles that your pup can run through as well as a high jump and tunnel. And the Trixie agility dog training dog walk is made with weatherproof glazed pine and has a non-slip rubber coating for safety.

Make your agility dog training sessions even more fruitful by using a dog training whistle to signal your pup on when to start the course, and plenty of dog treats to reward him for a job well done. Shop Chewy's online pet store for all your dog supplies.

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