Aquarium Algae Control & Water Clarifiers

The best algaecides will help get rid of algae quickly. Whether you are new to tending to a fish tank or you've been taking care of fish for years, keeping algae under control is important. The right water treatment for fish will help keep your fish healthy, happy and swimming in crystal clear water.Tetra Pond AlgaeControl Water Treatment contains polyethylene to effectively treat algae and algae blooms. It can control a broad spectrum of algae, including green, string, hair algae and blanket weed. It's a concentrated formula that's perfect for use in ornamental ponds. There's also API PondCare Algaefix Algicide, which is a powerful pond water treatment that keeps ponds, water gardens and fountains clear, and algae growth under control. It's a fast-acting solution that is effective for many types of algae and safe for live plants and pond fish. If a cloudy aquarium is the problem, then Tetra WaterClarifier Freshwater Aquarium Water Conditioner is the solution. It will clear up cloudy aquarium water quickly. It starts to work in minutes, and is perfect for neutralizing chlorine, chloramine and heavy metals. You may want to try Tetra Algae Control Pond Block Water Treatment if you have a pond that needs some attention. This EPA approved solution will clear water and algae in backyard containerized ponds and fountains. Whether you are looking for fish foodfish tank filtersfish tank decorations or even a fish tank heater Chewy's online pet store is sure to have great deals on all of the fish supplies you and your pet may need!

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