Antibiotics for Cats

Help your furry friend fight feline infections with prescription antibiotics. You can get antibiotics for a range of ailments in the Chewy pharmacy, including antibiotics for ear and skin infections, eye antibiotics and UTI antibiotics, as well.

Your kitty needs to see a vet to get a prescription before you buy prescription cat antibiotics online, and your vet can advise you on how to administer the medication. A veterinarian can also let you know about side effects to watch for and give you tips for getting your furry friend to take her medicine. If you have a younger cat with an infection or ailment, your veterinarian can prescribe kitten antibiotics in the right strength for your little friend.

Cats with eye infections may be prescribed antibiotic eye drops & medicine. These will come as either a liquid solution or an ointment you apply directly to the eye, and they can provide relief as well as antibiotic action on infectious bacteria. Common ear infections will often be treated with antimicrobial or inflammation-relieving ear drops & medicine.

You can get many of the medicines you need to clear up common infections and health complaints online in the Chewy Pet Pharmacy. Order everything from prescription cat medicine to prescription antibiotics for dogs and more with just a few clicks and a prescription from your vet. You’ll find a great selection of prescription antibiotics and everything else you need for a healthy pet!

Frequently Asked Questions About Antibiotics for Cats

How do I get cat antibiotics prescriptions online at Chewy Pharmacy?

Get cat antibiotics prescriptions online at Chewy Pharmacy by first visiting your vet for a prescription. Then, go online and add the appropriate antibiotic product to your cart. At checkout, you can add your pet and vet contact info so Chewy can reach out and verify the prescription on your behalf. That’s all you need to do to get prescription cat antibiotics from Chewy!

What prescription cat antibiotics are best?

The best prescription antibiotics are the ones your vet recommends for your kitty. Commonly prescribed antibiotics for cats include enrofloxacin, Clavamox and Baytril, but the right medicine will depend on what kind of infection your cat has and factors like age, allergies and habits. Follow the instructions your veterinarian gives you, finish the entire prescription and never give your kitty any prescription medication not prescribed by your vet.

Do antibiotics make cats sleepy?

Antibiotics do make cats sleepy sometimes, but the effects sometimes get better as they adjust to the medication. Other common side effects of antibiotics in cats include lethargy, nausea and/or a loss of appetite. Some cats can also experience allergic reactions like hives, rashes, stomach irritation, vomiting or diarrhea. Alert your vet about any concerning side effects that you may notice while your cat is on medication.

How do I give my cat antibiotics?

Give your cat antibiotics by following the instructions on the packaging closely for dosing and administration instructions. Eye and ear antibiotics often come in liquid or ointment forms, and these are usually applied directly to the affected area. For oral medications, hiding them in a treat or pill pouch may get your cat to ingest them voluntarily. Liquid or crushed pill medications can sometimes be mixed into tuna juice or wet food, too. If you have to pill your cat, open her mouth by putting your fingers over her head and holding the upper incisors. Then, tilt the head back and deposit the pill as far back on the tongue as possible. Finally, close the mouth and blow on your cat’s nose or massage the throat to make her swallow. Consult with your vet on the best ways to administer each type of antibiotic and look online for instructional videos that may help you.

How do I set up Autoship for my prescription cat antibiotics?

Set up Autoship for your prescription antibiotics by selecting the Autoship option at checkout. Then choose the frequency of your recurring delivery. You must have a current prescription and refills on file for Autoship deliveries to occur. If we do not receive a prescription, or if your prescription is expiring, one of our team members can contact your vet to obtain the necessary information. Once you set up Autoship, you can cancel or change your deliveries any time you want! Make sure you never run out of prescription cat antibiotics with Chewy’s effortless and convenient Autoship option.