Cat Calmers

Do you have a stressed cat? Time to look for how to reduce anxiety in a stressed cat. Cats are at their best when they feel calm and in control of their environment. However, anything that interrupts that feeling of control can increase stress levels, and lead to uncharacteristically bad behavior. Cats will mark their territory to stake claim and warn others that their space is spoken for. If these markers are disrupted it can cause unwanted stress on your feline friend. Everything from moving to rearranging furniture can cause stress in cats. Studies have shown that chronic stress can suppress the immune response, causing a broad range of illnesses in your cuddly cat. Looking for the signs, and providing the right cat medication is vital to keeping your cat in optimal health. Cat stress symptoms include urinating outside the litter box, digestive issues, excessive cat grooming, excessive scratching, isolation, panicked meows, decrease in appetite, increased sleeping, and aggression towards other animals and people. Many of these symptoms can be associated with other conditions, so it's best to see your veterinarian if you suspect your feline is suffering from stress or anxiety. On Chewy, pet parents can find a variety of products targeted to help address cat stress and anxiety. Find stressed cat treatments on Chewy including pheromone cat stress diffusers, cat collars, sprays, cat food and cat supplements. Chewy carries cat anxiety medication from top brands like Comfort Zone, Feliway and VetriScience you can trust. Stressed cats can take on destructive behaviors. Don't let bad behavior caused by anxiety ruin your relationship with your cat. With anti-anxiety products from Chewy, you and your cat can get back on track.

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