Dog Anxiety Vests & Apparel

There are many reasons why a dog may experience anxiety. The condition can be brought on by a variety of things such as separation anxiety, the sound of the vacuum cleaner, a trip to the veterinarian, visitors in the home, or spending the night at a dog boarding kennel.

Chewy's online pet store offers a variety of dog stress and anxiety products that can help a dog to combat anxiety. Dog anxiety vests are tools that your pet can comfortably wear that can help to soothe him in an anxiety-inducing situation. A dog anxiety vest works by wrapping around and hugging your dog’s body. It will distribute pressure over the back and across the sides of a dog’s chest, which helps to relax and calm him down in the process. Dog anxiety vests offer low-cost options for treating dog anxiety.

Chewy has a wide variety of dog anxiety vests to choose from. The ThunderShirt Anxiety & Calming Aid camo polo provides a calming effect for dogs as it applies gentle and constant pressure on a dog’s chest and side. This can help soothe your pup during stressful situations like fireworks, vet visits or a trip to the dog groomer. The Grey Calming Coat for dogs is a great drug-free option for treating dog anxiety. It helps to create a stress-free environment for your dog by wrapping around his torso and helping him to feel safe and comfortable. And the KONG anxiety-reducing dog shirt uses KONG’s signature full-torso, snug-fitting wrap-around design and built-in lavender sachet to safely and naturally ease your pet’s nerves. If the calming vests are not enough for your pup’s anxiety Chewy has other options. Dog calming treats are another great way to help your pup relax. SmartBones Calming Care Chicken Chews are made with tantalizing wholesome vegetables, real chicken, chamomile and lavender for a scrumptious taste, and a happy lifestyle. Whatever your dog supplies needs may be, Chewy is here to help you and your pup stay relaxed!

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