Cat Automatic Litter Boxes

Take the yuck out of caring for your cat with automatic cat litter boxes from There are few negatives about being a cat parent but cleaning up dirty cat litter boxes is definitely one of them. Why spend time scooping cat litter when you could be spending that time bonding with your fun feline? A self-cleaning cat litter box frees up so much of your time. With an automatic cleaning cat litter box, pet parents don’t have to spend time cleaning up stinky cat messes. The PetSafe Simply Clean Automatic litter box takes care of waste for you. It sifts through cat litter around the clock and even carries waste up a conveyor belt and drops it into a waste container. This automatic cat litter box is simple to use and quiet. Another automated option is the ScoopFree Original Automatic cat litter box. This self-cleaning litter box can be left alone for weeks at a time. It uses a disposable litter tray to provide hands-off convenience. It features an automatic rake system that sweeps waste into the covered compartment 20 minutes after your feline uses her box. The safety sensors detect when your cat re-enters the box. The crystal litter reduces odor. If automatic cat litter boxes aren’t for you, Chewy carries other cat litter solutions. For easy cleaning, try plastic litter pans. They’re durable and can be wiped or sprayed clean. For a cozy experience for your cat, consider covered cat litter boxes. For trips, take disposable cat litter boxes with you and cut the hassle out of traveling with cats. Cat litter accessories can also reduce the icky aspect of cat care. Get cat litter box filters to neutralize odors and prevent your home from smelling of cat urine. Litter box deodorizers can prevent odors from spreading and keep your house smelling fresh and clean. If you don’t want to throw out your cat’s mess right away, consider cat litter box waste disposal. You can throw your cat’s waste into these bags and drop them into your trash can to be disposed of later. Prevent your cat from tracking litter dust all over your home with cat litter mats that trap litter when your cat exits her box. If you must scoop, use the right litter box scoops that allow you to scrape up all the mess with ease. Whether you’re looking for simple cat litter pans or automatic cat litter boxes, you’ll find all the cat supplies you need at 24/7. You can also stock up on the best canned cat food, cat toys and cat scratchers as well.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cat Automatic Litter Boxes

Do self-cleaning litter boxes work?

Automatic and self-cleaning litter boxes work to save you time and trouble scooping waste from the box. Be sure to choose one with the right capacity for your household—multi-cat homes may need larger models or multiple automatic litter boxes to handle the increased use. You will also need to choose a quality clumping litter or manufacturer-recommended substrate to ensure your automatic litter box works as it should.

How do automatic cat litter boxes work?

Automatic cat litter boxes are self-cleaning: they work by sensing when your cat has used the litter box and automatically raking the waste into a sealed receptacle. They can save you time and hassle and reduce odors by removing waste every time your cat goes. A cleaner box can also help ensure litter box use by finicky felines.

What's the best automatic and self-cleaning litter box?

The best automatic cat litter box will fit the size needs of your household and the preferences of the cats using it. Multi-cat homes or larger cats may need a larger capacity model, and cats who dislike covered boxes will probably need an open-topped automatic litter box for comfort.

How do you clean an automatic litter box?

Clean an automatic litter box according to the instructions that came with your product. Most models feature a removable waste receptacle you simply empty every few days. Monthly cleanings usually involve disposing of all litter and removing non-electric parts for gentle cleaning with soap and water. Most automatic cat litter boxes are made to be simple and easy to clean.