Dog Automatic Ball Launchers

Most dogs love to play fetch, but why? Many dogs were bred to retrieve items for humans. As a result, dogs enjoy chasing objects, picking them up and bringing them back to their owners. Dogs like to play fetch, because it gives them a chance to show off their natural capabilities. Playing fetch with your dog is a rewarding experience for them, an activity they’ll want to do as often as possible. However, playing fetch can be painful for you. Whether you have an ailment like arthritis or are perfectly healthy, throwing a ball begins to hurt after a while. Automatic ball launchers for dogs can help make playing fetch fun for both you and your pet. An automatic dog ball launcher works similarly to a tennis ball launcher. Simply load the balls and watch them fly out. The brand iFetch makes an automatic ball launcher for different types of dogs. The iFetch mini automatic ball launcher is designed for small to medium sized dogs. It comes with three mini tennis balls easier for small mouths to fetch. For an automatic ball launcher for larger breeds, consider the PetSafe automatic ball launcher. A sensor located in the front prevents balls from launching while you or your pet are near the launcher. Another way to play with your pet is with dog fetch toys. The Chuckit! Classic Launcher boosts your ability to throw further distances, giving your canine the exercise he craves. Dogs love fetch, but when they’re tired of fetching, carries a wide range of dog toys your dog will love. There are dog puzzle games to stimulate your dog’s mind. For mind play, there are interactive dog toys as well. For dog’s who eat their dog food too quickly there are dog treat toys that can slow down your dog’s feeding. Perfect for dogs with weight issues, you can use dog toys to hide dog treats and force your pet to eat slower. Enjoy playtime with your pet. Find everything you need from dog technology to dog dental chews at

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