Cat Balls & Chaser Toys

If there’s one thing every cat parent knows, it’s that these adorable furballs love to play. They’ll chase, paw, bat, and claw at almost anything, if it’s the right size. So tempt your kitty’s playful nature with the best cat toys, like balls and chasers. Cat ball toys and cat chasers provide a wonderful outlet for your cat’s energy, and since many of them require a human companion, they provide an excellent opportunity to bond with your feline family member. Cat balls and cat chasers traditionally entice pets with cool textures, colors, fun shapes and even catnip toys – as some designs conceal your pet’s favorite catnip. The best cat toy balls are guaranteed to provide little kitties with hours of nonstop fun and exercise. The sizes may vary, but some of the most popular styles feature noise making cat toys like rattles, bells and prerecorded sounds. The Hartz Just For Cats Midnight Crazies Cat Toy comes with seven fun jingling ball toys to swat around, so if one gets lost or stuck under the couch, playtime doesn’t have to end.

Engaging your kitty in interactive play can help direct your cat’s natural instinct to scratch away from your furniture. The SmartyKat TwirlyTop ball toy is one toy that’ll keep your kitty busy. Its quick, random spin action will encourage your cat to get into hunting mode with fun ribbons to play with. Playing with your kitty can also strengthen the personal bond that you and your pet share. The JW Pet Cataction feather ball toy is an interactive cat toy that contains a colorful feather for your cat to swat at, while you hold or jingle the other end of the toy. Be sure to check out all the top brands of cat toy balls, including EthicalPet, KONG and SmartyKat. Browse around to find fun cat toy balls to provide your kitty with for a safe and fun playing experience, and be sure to also stock up on other great cat supplies & accessories like cat collars, cat treats and the best cat food including great canned wet cat food and dry cat food brands.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Cat Balls & Chaser Toys

Do cats like to play with ball toys?

Cats do like to play with ball toys and will bat, chase, stalk, toss and chew them to their heart's content. Leave ball toys out for your cat to play with on her own, or toss her a ball for interactive play. Chewy has a great selection of cat balls for all feline tastes, so you're sure to find the perfect ones for your cat!

What are the best cat ball toys?

The best cat ball toys will vary depending on your cat's tastes. Crinkly cat balls are very popular with felines, as are catnip cat balls of all types. Choose bouncy cat balls for active cats or electronic cat ball toys for an interactive thrill. Some kitties get a kick out of squeaky or chirping cat balls, or try a cat ball with a feather attachment for added movement and excitement.

Are cat chasers good toys?

Cat chasers are great toys because they bring out the natural hunting instinct in your cat. Letting your cat catch her "prey", in this case a cat chaser toy, will help fulfill that drive and keep your cat interested in play. It is also a good idea to supplement laser cat chaser toys, which cats cannot catch, with other chasers that they can catch and play with.