Dog Bandanas

Dogs have their own distinct personalities, and as a pet owner, it can be fun to cater to those. Dog bandanas and dog scarves can help to showcase your dog’s sense of style. If you live in a household that loves a certain sports team, for instance, your pup can partake in the festivities by wearing a dog bandana that boasts the team’s logo. A dog can be dressed up for a special event by wearing a fancy bandana and can even dress up for holidays such as Easter, Halloween or Christmas with a seasonally themed dog bandana or dog scarf. There are also dog bandanas and dog scarves for everyday wear, those that are perfect for a trip to the beach, and those with adorable little sayings like “bad to the bone” or “mommy’s special guy.”

Some pets don’t enjoy wearing dog clothing such as dog T-shirts or dog coats, as they don’t like the idea of having a piece of clothing covering their whole body. Most pups are used to having a dog collar around their neck, however, and will typically respond well to wearing a simple dog bandana or dog scarf. And in the colder months, they will welcome the extra warmth more than a dog winter coat.

Chewy offers a wide selection of dog bandanas and dog scarves to fit pets of all sizes, ages and breeds. The Frisco dog and cat birthday boy bandana is a fun, baby blue dog bandana that is adorned with confetti, a cupcake and words that spell out the fact that it’s your pup’s special day. The Pup Crew “Witches Be Trippin” dog and cat bandana is a fun way for your pet to rock a little flair this Halloween. It’s a perfect alternative to a dog costume, especially for those pups who don’t enjoy wearing one. And the Lucky & Co. The Kennedy dog and cat bandana adds style to your pup’s everyday look with its premium, cotton blend, designer-inspired red and white plaid. Shop Chewy for the best dog bandanas and scarves as well as your dog food delivery, other dog supplies and pet supplies.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Bandanas

Are bandanas safe for dogs?

Dog bandanas are safe, but you should always keep an eye on your dog whenever he is wearing clothing or accessories. Make sure to choose a bandana in a size that fits properly and ensure your dog is comfortable while wearing it. Remove your dog's bandana if he will be unattended or in an area where the bandana may get caught on things like branches. Common sense and attentiveness can help keep your dog extra safe when he is wearing a bandana.

How should a dog wear a bandana?

A dog should wear a bandana around the neck like a collar, with a fit that is neither too tight nor too loose. Make sure you can easily fit two fingers under the bandana and that the new accessory isn't distressing for your pup. Many dogs enjoy wearing bandanas, and you can find many cute styles to suit every occasion and activity.

What size should bandanas for dogs be?

A dog bandana should be the right size to fit around the neck securely but not too snugly. Measure your dog's neck and match it to the size guide included with the bandana. Every bandana listing on includes a size chart so you can find one with the perfect fit. You should be able to easily fit two fingers under a properly sized and secured dog bandana.