Dog Bark Collars

A barking dog can cause you to lose your apartment, anger your neighbors and prevent bonding between you and your pet. There is so much to love about dogs, but non-stop barking is not one. That’s why dog bark control is so important. At Chewy, we carry dog training technology to help pet parents train their dogs, so you can spend more time happy with your companion than mad at her. If you are searching for a dog bark shock collar you are probably tired of your dog barking when she shouldn’t. You will find the best dog bark collars at from today’s top pet brands. If you want to train your dog to stop barking, what you need is a collar that will send a signal to your dog to stop their bad behavior. For your tiny little friend, you need a bark collar for small dogs. If your canine is a big breed, you need a bark collar for large dogs. Pet parents love Pet Safe bark control dog collars. The PetSafe static basic bark control collar is easy to use and requires no programming. It includes a progressive correction. If the dog continues to bark, the static correction will increase automatically to the next level until the dog stops the bad behavior. It’s for 8 pounds and up and has six levels of static correction. Don’t forget to purchase bark collar batteries or bark collar chargers depending on your device, to ensure your collar is charged when you need it. Besides teaching your dog not to bark with bark collars, you can use dog training systems to stop other common bad behaviors. If your dog has a habit of breaking out, you need dog trackers to keep track of her movements. If she likes to wander to parts of the house or yard she doesn’t belong, use electric dog fences to keep her inbounds and out of harm. Find these dog tech products and more to train your dog at

Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Bark Collars

What is a dog bark collar?

A dog bark collar is a device that detects when your dog is barking and issues a corrective intended to stop the barking behavior. The corrective may be a low-grade electric current, a sonic or ultrasonic tone, or a deterrent scent like citronella. Dog bark collars are intended as negative reinforcement training devices and should not be used long-term.

Are dog bark collars safe?

Dog bark collars are safe, but you should consult your vet or a training professional about the pros and cons of using them. Many experts recommend training over using bark collars, as training can provide a lasting, no-discomfort solution to the barking problem. That said, bark collars come in many styles, and you can choose from different correctives including ultrasonic, tone and scent as well as the traditional low-current physical stimulus. All of the types of bark collars available are considered safe for use on dogs.

Do dog barking collars work?

Dog barking collars can work, but all dogs are different and the effectiveness of different bark collars may vary. Your success will depend on the temperament of your dog, which product you choose, and how faithfully you follow the product instructions. Your vet or a canine behaviorist may be able to give you guidance on the best ways to stop unwanted barking.

What's the best dog bark collar?

The best dog bark collar will vary depending on the barking habits and temperament of your dog. Some bark collars offer a variety of corrective features that you can change to suit the needs of your dog. Look for models with ultrasonic or scent-based options for versatility, or choose a collar with variable corrective strengths so you can find the perfect setting for your dog. Some bark collars feature a warning buzz or tone before the full corrective, and these can provide a gentler way to teach your dog to check his behavior. Ultimately, the best bark collar is the one that will permanently train your dog not to bark excessively, so he can eventually stop wearing it!