Dog Car Barriers

Driving with your dogs can be stressful, especially if they are loose in the car. For smaller dogs, it is easier to strap them in using dog seat belts and dog booster seats, but for larger dogs, a dog barrier helps keep them secure so they don’t cause a distraction. To help with this, Chewy has a wide selection of dog car barriers. These pet barriers come in all shapes and sizes from large dog car barriers to small dog car barriers so you can find one that fits your needs and your car. That also means no more lugging around heavy dog carriers that can be difficult to fit in cars and can disrupt your line of sight while driving. For sedans or smaller cars, there are some pet barrier options that can be hung directly from the front seats. The Kurgo Backseat Barrier is super simple and easy to set up as a dog barrier option. It attaches to the front two seats to create a barrier that prevents your pup from making his way into the front seat. For added convenience, it even has a pocket to store essential dog supplies for your trip. The Kurgo Backseat Bridge also offers a convenient pocket and attaches to the front two seats, but this dog car barrier creates a bridge between the front seat and the back seat so that your pet can’t fall in between the seats. This helps your pet to feel more secure while the car is in motion. For larger SUVs, there are dog gates for cars that keep your dog limited to the trunk of your SUV. The Midwest Wire Mesh Universal Car Barrier is made with adjustable sliders that allow you to get the perfect fit for your car. It is made with heavy-duty electro-coated wire bars to make sure that your pet will stay secured in their designated area. The Precision Pet Products Universal Fit 6-Bar Dog & Cat Vehicle Barrier is another SUV option that will prevent your dog from running freely around your car. It is designed to be fully adjustable to fit any size trunk securely and effectively, creating a makeshift play area in the back of your car. So if you are looking for a way to keep your pet secure and out of the front seat area, check out what Chewy has to offer when it comes to pet barriers for cars plus find the best pet supplies and dog products.

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