Dog Bath Mats

Whether your dog rolled around in the grass, got into the trash or got caught in the rain, certain messes call for bath time and dog grooming supplies. And even though giving your pup a bath can also be messy, you can keep your bathroom beautiful with dog bath mats and dog shower mats from Chewy. We carry a wide range of bath mats for dogs from brands like Dog Gone Smart and Ethical Pet. Your dog bath mat can match your bathroom décor or your four-legged friend’s personality. The best dog bath mats are plush, comforting for your pet’s paws, slip-resistant and absorbent. Slip-resistant bath mats are important for your safety and your pup’s. Your dog bath mat should also be absorbent since your pup is likely to carry a lot of water with them as they exit the tub. The best dog bath mats for your home will be safe and functional and match your home aesthetic. Safely groom or wash you dog's hair with dog shampoo and make sure to finish the wash up with some dog conditioner for that extra shine. After bath time is over be sure to brush your pup's fur with a dog brush or dog comb to ensure your four legged friend is looking their best. So whether you are looking for a new dog shower mat, a new bag of dog food or just some dog toys, Chewy's online pet store is sure to have great deals on all of the dog supplies you and your pup will need!

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