Dog Bath & Shower Supplies

Get everything you need for doggy bath time at Chewy. We carry a wide range of dog bath and shower supplies, including dog bath towels, dog hair dryers, dog shower hoses and bath mats for dogs. Dogs know when they’re getting a bath. A few actually like this ritual with a good dog shampoo, but most will quickly and quietly slip out of the room and duck under the bed if you even think about it. So why not pamper your pet and make it more like a doggy spa experience than a cold-water bath that he learns to dread? Clean your canine faster and with better accuracy with dog bath accessories. Shower sprayers like the Rinse Ace 3-Way shower sprayer grooming tool help make it easier to clean your canine quickly. To make it more enjoyable, you’ll need some soft dog bath towels and maybe even a nice new dog bathrobe for your little furry friend. Having the proper dog grooming supplies is important, and so is bath time. And it’s pretty crucial when your dog decides to roll around on something smelly. Help your pup dry off faster with the Bone Dry microfiber drying mitt for pets. Drying your pup after a bath is even easier with a dog hair dryer. Chewy carries dog grooming dryers from top brands like Andis and Flying Pig Grooming. Dry your pet’s fur without frightening them with the Andis QD-1 EasyClip Quiet Aire pet dryer that’s designed for quiet operation to reduce fear and anxiety. Once your cuddly companion has had her bath, she’ll want to jump out of the tub and shake off. Prevent puddles near your tub with dog bath and shower mats from Chewy. You’ll find stylish and colorful bath mats to match your home décor from brands like Dog Gone Smart and Ethical Pet. You can find the perfect dog bathrobe and dog towels for your pooch, plus other dog bath accessories, right here at Chewy where we have the best pet supplies and dog supplies.

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