Chinchilla Bedding

For happy chinchillas and a fresh, clean habitat, you'll need to get some good chinchilla bedding. Chewy has lots of great chinchilla bedding for sale, including lots of different brands and types, so you should have no trouble finding a safe and comfortable material for your pets.

The best bedding for chinchillas will be dust-free, absorbent, and comfortable for your pet. Paper bedding fits the bill and is a popular choice for chinchillas, plus it's compostable, biodegradable, lightweight, and often made from recycled pulp for eco-friendliness. You can find paper bedding in many different textures and piece sizes, and it comes in lots of fun colors, as well. Shredded paper can also be used as a comfy, cheap chinchilla bedding alternative, but make sure to use ink-free or non-toxic printed paper and avoid newsprint, and know that it won't be as absorbent as manufactured paper bedding.

Avoid chinchilla litter and bedding made from cedar or unprocessed pine shavings, as their aromatic oils can cause respiratory distress in your pet. Corn cob bedding can be problematic, too, as it can be dusty and promote mold growth and moisture buildup that's bad for your chinchilla Soft aspen shavings are a dust-free, odor-free and suitable bedding for chinchillas, but they can be less absorbent than paper and may not reduce odor as well. You can also use kiln-dried pine shavings that are free from harmful aromatic oils, or try a product made from eco-friendly pelleted wheat straw. Some chin owners swear by fleece as a chinchilla bedding; just make sure any fleece you get is anti-pill for safety.

Whatever chinchilla bedding you choose for your chinchilla cage, you'll find great deals on it and other essential chinchilla supplies at Chewy. Stock up on chinchilla food and chinchilla toys for your little buddies, and shop for cage gear like hideouts, food bowls and water bottles, too. You'll find exactly the chinchilla bedding you need for your little buddy and so much more!

Frequently Asked Questions About Chinchilla Bedding

Do chinchillas need bedding?

Chinchillas need bedding to burrow, nest and eliminate in, so make sure to provide plenty of fresh bedding in their cage. Soft materials like paper or aspen wood work best, or try bedding made of eco-friendly wheat straw or kiln-dried pine. You may want to experiment with different bedding materials to see which ones work best for you and your pets.

How much bedding do chinchillas need?

Chinchillas need 1-2 inches of bedding on the bottom of their cage. Chinchillas are small, so you don't need to make the bedding super deep, but it should be a thick enough layer that they can comfortably burrow and play in it. Having a thicker layer will also help absorb odors and control moisture.

How do I set up Autoship on my chinchilla bedding?

Set up Autoship on your chinchilla bedding order by selecting the Autoship option at checkout. You can set the frequency of your shipments here, too, and change the quantities and timing of your bedding orders at any time. Never run out of chinchilla bedding or other essentials again with Chewy's convenient Autoship service!