Rabbit Litter, Bedding & Accessories

Your fluffball’s cage can be a little stinky sometimes, but you two can live hoppily ever after sharing the same space with help from rabbit bedding and litter. Bedding is used all over the cage while litter is reserved for her litter box.

Rabbits are very intelligent and prefer neat spaces, so you can teach her to go to the bathroom in a litter box, like the Ware Scatterless Lock-N-Litter Small Animal Litter Pan. Fill only the litter box with rabbit litter instead of the entire cage. Litter controls odors for a fresher home and it’s absorbent so she won’t be sitting in urine every time she visits the loo. When comparing litter, look for ones that address odor, are dust-free, comfortable, eco-friendly and absorbent. Oxbow Bene Terra Eco-Straw Pelleted Wheat Straw Small Animal Litter is a popular option because it’s absorbent and made of wheat in case she decides to snack on her litter. Fun fact: did you know your bun likes to eat when going potty? Many pet parents set up the litter box right next to her food or even add a layer of hay for munching.

You can also add rabbit bedding to your bunny’s cage to make it as cozy as can be. Sometimes bunny friends get confused between bunny bedding and litter, so if you find she mixes up the two, consider adding a seagrass or maze rug on the bottom of her cage instead of bedding. There are many options for rabbit litter and bedding, and Chewy is here with the variety you need to create the perfect environment for your little pal.

You can use litter and bedding in rabbit cages and rabbit hutches. Plus, there are other rabbit supplies you can add to her habitat to keep her happy and healthy. In addition to pellet rabbit food, your bunny will need an endless supply of grass hay. You can surprise her with rabbit treats and use them to train and gain her trust. Whether you’re shopping for bunny bedding and litter or another petite pet, you can find all the small pet supplies you need on Chewy.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do rabbits need bedding?

Rabbits do not need bedding like some other petite friends. Bedding makes her cage more comfortable, but sometimes she can confuse litter and bedding and might go to the bathroom wherever she pleases. If you notice this problem, you might want another comfortable cage-bottom solution like a seagrass or maze rug. For example, the SunGrow Natural Seagrass Small Animal Mat can be comfy for her cage and completely munchable!

What do you put in a rabbit litter tray?

Your bunny’s litter tray should include rabbit-safe litter, like compressed paper, newspaper, compressed wood pellets, aspen shavings or hay. You should avoid clay litter because your bunny might sneak a taste, and it’s not safe for her sensitive digestion system. Rabbits also like to snack when going to the bathroom, so you can even keep some of her grass hay in the box or nearby! Oxbow Bene Terra Eco-Straw Pelleted Wheat Straw Small Animal Litter is a great choice because it’s absorbent and made of wheat in case she decides to sneak a taste of her litter.

What is the best bedding for a rabbit?

The best rabbit bedding absorbs liquid, reduces odors and makes her cage cozy. When picking out bedding, reclaimed paper fiber products are a great choice and more absorbent than wood bedding. For example, Kaytee Clean & Cozy Small Animal Bedding is ultra-cozy and holds four times its weight in liquid. You can even use bedding to decorate her cage when you choose a colorful option like Carefresh Small Animal Bedding.

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