Ferret Bedding, Litter & Accessories

Setting up your ferret’s habitat for comfort and hygiene requires having lots of comfy ferret bedding and litter on hand. Chewy carries a wide variety of ferret litter and bedding including paper and wood-based options, along with litter boxes and other bedding accessories you’ll need to set up the perfect cage.

Ferrets need lots of fresh and fluffy bedding for burrowing, play and sleep, so look for ferret bedding made of paper or ferret-safe wood-like aspen or pine for softness, absorbency and odor control. There are also some great options made from corn cobs, wheat and other eco-friendly materials, and many are biodegradable and compostable, too. You can use this same material as ferret litter in a litter box, or try a different substrate for each to avoid confusion.

Many ferrets also enjoy having a hideaway, hammock, tunnel or hanging ferret bedding set for sleep and relaxation purposes. It’s best to provide several different sleep, rest, litter and burrowing areas in a habitat so your ferret can pick and choose. Platforms with ferret mats, a litter box with an old t-shirt in it and even towels can make great bedding areas for ferrets. Improvise and see which bedding types your ferret prefers.

You can find tons of great bedding options for your ferret cage along with all the other ferret supplies you need to feed, entertain and house your little buddy in the small pet supplies section of our store. Shop for ferret enclosures and habitats to put comfy bedding in, or find a litter box to create a bedding area in your ferret playpen. You’ll also find staples like ferret food and ferret treats to fuel lots of fun bedding burrowing and play. Whatever type of ferret bedding and litter you need to make a welcoming home for your pet, you’ll find exactly what you need and more at Chewy.com!

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