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Cats sleep a lot. We're talking about an average of fifteen hours a day. Some even sleep up to twenty hours in a twenty-four-hour period. Cats are most active between dusk and dawn, leaving the mid-day hours for rest and relaxation. Since your feline friend is prone to long hours of rest, it's only natural that you invest in a comfortable cat bed. Help ensure your pet sleeps well with high quality cat beds. Chewy features the best cat bed brands like K&H Pet Products, Aspen Pet, Precision Pet Products and MidWest. What makes for the best cat beds? It all depends on how your furry friend likes to sleep. Chewy carries pillow beds for cats, orthopedic cat beds, covered cat beds, andheated cat beds. Whether you live in a colder climate or want a cat bed specifically for cold winter nights, a heated cat bed can make a world of difference to your cat. Chewy carries a variety of heated cat beds from K&H Pet Products including a heated cat house, soft outdoor heated cat bed, pet bed warmers and warming pet pads. Turn your kitty's favorite bed into a heated pet bed with the K&H pet bed microwave warmer. The pet bed microwave warmer is the perfect way to warm up your outdoor cat bed for chilly nights. For the classy kitty try Aspen Pet luxury cat beds. Don't pick a cat bed that clashes with your home furnishings, Aspen Pet cat beds come in assorted colors and styles, that make luxurious additions to your home. Aspen Pet cat beds are also eco-friendly, made of 100% recycled fiber fill. Each cat bed is also machine washable, which makes for easy care. Whether you're training your kitty or keeping her out of trouble, crate sleeping is not uncommon. Crate mats can help provide additional comfort to your crate-sleeping kitty. Chewy features crate mats from top brands like Frisco and MidWest. Find the right color, style and texture to fit your home décor and help your feline friend rest comfortably. Find the best cat beds online on Chewy today.

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