Chinchilla Beds & Hammocks

Your furbaby is ready to catch some Zzz's from the comfort of her chinchilla bed, chinchilla hammock or fleece liners. Choices, choices! Which snoozing location is better for your chin? You will likely have to offer her multiple resting spots and see.

Chinchilla hammocks tend to be a fan fur-avorite. Hammocks hang from the top of the cage, which is perfect for your avid climber. Plus, it helps add to the usable space in her home. As it cradles her body, it creates a super snuggly and safe place for her to sleep. In the wild, chinchillas are prey animals, so your gal still has that natural instinct to hide. When offering places to feel safe, fleece liners are another great choice. They are like sleeping bags you can add to the floor or loft in her cage.

While some chinchillas like to sleep in chinchilla beds, others use it as more of a relaxing zone. The best chinchilla beds are soft, washable and made with safe materials in case your furbaby decides to sneak a nibble. When searching for the best chinchilla hammocks for sale and the best chinchilla beds for sale, you'll find options to meet every fur-iend's needs on Chewy.

Chinchilla beds and hammocks aren't the only way to keep your furbaby comfy. You can add chinchilla bedding to her chinchilla cage. Chinchilla hideouts and mats are must-have additions to her cage. Many even double as a place to rest and snack! Your chin is very bright and needs to stay mentally and physically stimulated. Chinchilla toys are a necessity to keep in her cage. She'll also find training entertaining. Chinchilla treats are a great reward when teaching her. You can find all the chinchilla supplies you need right here on, including the next thing on your must-have list; the best chinchilla beds available!

Frequently Asked Questions About Chinchilla Beds & Hammocks

Do chinchillas need beds?

Chinchillas do not need beds for sleeping, though you might find yours likes to rest or nap in a bed. Most chinchillas prefer to sleep in enclosed areas like hideouts because they help chins feel more secure. Your pal might choose a hammock for snoozing because it cradles her body better. Test out different sleeping options to see what your chin likes best.

Do chinchillas like hammocks?

Yes, many chinchillas love hammocks. Like all pets and their accessories, it comes down to preference. Hammocks are a great choice for many chins because it provides a cozy resting spot that cradles the body. You'll appreciate that it doesn't take up any floor space in her environment. Plus, it can act as a safety net for your climber in her extra-tall cage!

What is the best hammock for chinchillas?

The best hammock for chinchillas is one that is made with durable material and has secure straps to keep the hammock safely attached to the cage. Then, after considering safety measures, it comes down to your chin's preferences. Some prefer hideouts for cozy snoozing while others prefer flatter hammocks to lounge. Try a variety of hammocks to see which your furbaby likes best!