Rabbit Beds, Hideouts & Mats

Whether you have free-range bunnies or house your pals in indoor or outdoor hutches, you’ll want to provide them with comfy and secure places to sleep. A cozy rabbit bed or a bunny hideout will satisfy your rabbit’s natural instinct to hide and burrow and provide a feeling of safety that your bunny needs for good health. Chewy carries a wide selection of rabbit hideouts and bunny beds to keep every bunny comfy, from plush beds fit for a bunny palace to heating pads designed for an outdoor enclosure.

Choose a hut or nest box-style hideaway to help shy bunnies feel at ease or try one of the rabbit beds and hideouts made of grass for a natural, munchable rest area. Tunnel hideouts provide privacy and have a burrow-like shape for cozy nap times and hide and seek play, while ball-style enclosures work for both hiding and energetic rolling around. Hammock beds can save space in smaller enclosures and provide a semi-private space that feels secure, or you can choose a simple mat or cuddler bed for when your bunny feels like lounging out in the open.

You might also find cool dog beds or cat items that would work—some bunnies even like sleeping in litter boxes lined with bedding or blankets! The sky’s the limit when you improvise sleep areas, accessories and playthings for your rabbit, just make sure any DIY rabbit toys and beds are chew-safe and non-toxic.

You can also find outdoor heated pads to keep bunnies in inside or outside hutches warm and use cozy bedding to line their rabbit cages with for sleep and play. Shop Chewy for all the rabbit supplies you need to make your [rabbit habitats] enjoyable and cozy, including rabbit bedding, rabbit food, rabbit treats and rabbit toys galore. You’ll find the perfect selection of rabbit beds and hideouts and so much more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do rabbits need beds?

Rabbits don’t necessarily need beds, but many of them enjoy having comfy flat or semi-enclosed places to relax. Try getting a bed or mat made of edible grass or give a mini plush bed a shot and see if your bunny likes it. Note that some rabbits will use squishy beds as a bathroom instead and consider firmer choices or at least washable items to avoid unwanted smells. Towels and blankets make great washable bed areas, too.

Do rabbits need hideouts?

Rabbits do need hideouts or enclosed spaces in order to feel safe when they’re insecure or feel threatened. Rabbits protect themselves in the wild when they’re scared by running into underground burrows, and domestic rabbits have that same instinct. Whether you have indoor or outdoor rabbits, it’s essential to provide a hideaway or shelter with a solid top and sides—mesh sides won’t work because your bunnies will still feel vulnerable. A small wooden enclosure, hideaway hut, or even a cardboard box will give your bunny somewhere to go for privacy and safety and keep him feeling secure.

What are the best rabbit hideouts?

The best rabbit hideouts will be made of chew-proof or chew-friendly materials and feature solid sides, so your bunny feels safe. Materials like wood, edible grass or heavy-duty plastic work well, and you can find some cute designs as well as utilitarian styles to fit your tastes. The hideout may have one or more entrances and may be box-shaped, tunnel-shaped or even ball-shaped for fun rolling around, too. Experiment and see what your bunny likes, and don’t be afraid to try DIY solutions like cardboard boxes or repurposed household items made of bunny-safe materials.

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