Chinchilla Hideouts, Beds & Mats

Make your chinchilla's cage the paw-fect place to snooze, hide and play with chinchilla beds, hideouts and toys. With these three things, you’re close to having the perfect home for your pal—simply add food and water.

Chinchilla hideouts and beds provide both comfort and safety for your chin. As prey in the wild, your furbaby has the natural instinct to hide, making hideouts an essential addition to his cage. Some hideouts are more permanent solutions for his home, while others double as a snack and are made with hay. You might just find his hideout is his favorite place to sleep. He may also choose chinchilla beds and hammocks as his go-to resting spot. Hammocks, in particular, are great because they hang from the cage and increase usable space.

In addition to resting, you’ll need to find ways to stimulate him mentally and physically to help keep him happy. Chinchilla toys are a great way to entertain him. Chew toys are some of the most important ones you’ll need to get. Chinchillas’ teeth grow for their entire lives. Chew toys help keep them nice and trim while providing a fun activity. There are other interactive toys to pique his interest like balls, dangling toys and ledges.

You’ll find all the chinchilla supplies your petite pal needs to thrive at Chewy. Start by choosing the right chinchilla habitat you can fill with chinchilla hideouts and mats. Many chinchilla cages are taller than cages for other small pets because your chin is a great climber. Make the space extra cozy with chinchilla bedding. And when it’s time to fill his cage with spaces to relax and things to keep him entertained, explore your options for chinchilla beds, hideouts and toys on Chewy!

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