Cat Behavior & Health Books

Cats have some pretty unique behaviors. While there’s no way to read a cat’s mind, we can help you understand their quirky ways. There are some common cat behaviors you can learn from cat books to better care for your feline. If your cat is going potty in places other than her litter box, she’s likely going through a behavioral or medical issue. Anxiety is a common reason for potty accidents. If the issue is medical, see your veterinarian. Your cat’s scratching may have underlying reasons like grooming or marking her territory. You can learn more with cat behavior books. At, you will find the best books on cat behavior from leading experts. Books on cat health can help you better understand your feline friend and help her reach optimal mental and physical health. If you’re feline’s having behavioral issues, there’s Total Cat Mojo: Everything You Need to Know to Care for Your Favorite Feline Friend by Jackson Galaxy. Star of the hit Animal Planet show “My Cat From Hell,” Galaxy shows readers how to eliminate feline behavioral problems by getting to know their instinctive behaviors. Another great book is The Cat Bible by Tracie Hotchner featuring everything your cat expects his owner to know. Training a cat to stop problematic behavior can be quite a challenge. Get help with cat training books from top experts. Learn tips and strategies that have worked for hundreds of other pet parents. A cat breeds book can help you better understand your cat. If you’re shopping for a cat lover, Chewy has cat themed gifts they’ll love. There are funny cat books to make you laugh, heart-warming cat memoirs and fascinating cat story books for endless entertainment. Find everything you need to be the best cat parent at Chewy’s online pet store 24/7.

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