Dog Potty Training Bells

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Dog Potty Training Bells

One of the tricky things about potty training a dog is working out how your dog will communicate with you that he has to go outside to go potty. Sometimes a dog will bark when he wants to be let outdoors. Continuous dog barking, however, is probably not the best method, especially if you live in an apartment or a duplex with shared walls. Scratching at the back door when he needs to be let out comes with its own set of issues. Your pup may end up scratching your walls with his nails, or you may not hear him tapping his paw on the window if you are busy in another room. This can lead to the dog having accidents indoors. So if you don’t want your pup to have to wait at the door, and you don’t want to have to stock up on tons of dog stain removers and dog deoderizers, try dog potty training bells.

These strips of bells hang near the door or on the door handle, acting as a doggy doorbell for your pup. When your dog needs to go outside, instead of barking or scratching, he can take his paw and hit the potty training dog bell to alert you that it’s time to go outdoors. These dog potty bells provide a great way for your dog to communicate that he has to go outside to relieve himself. With a bit of practice, your pup will be using them in no time.

Chewy offers a variety of dog potty training products including dog training bells for your pup to alert you when it’s time for you to grab the dog leash and take him outdoors. The Caldwells Potty Bells Original Dog Doorbell is outfitted with a snap closure that can easily attach to a doorknob, lever or handle, and reads “I heart my dog” on one side and “Potty Bells” on the other. The Mighty Paw Smart Bell 2.0 potty training dog doorbell takes it one step further and serves as an actual doggy doorbell that a pup can push with his paw. The PoochieBells Doggie Dialogue Collection Original Dog Housetraining Doorbells come in a variety of colors and fun patterns, and adorned with whimsical sayings about life with a dog, such as “keep calm and wag on,” “bad to the bone” and “home is where the dog is.” Shop Chewy for low prices on all your dog supplies and pet supplies.

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