Betta Fish Food

So you have a Betta fish, her fish aquarium is set up, and it's time for feeding. But which Betta fish food should you get? Here are some pointers when choosing the best Betta food. First, it's important to understand that Betta fish are carnivores and should eat foods primarily made from fish or meat. That's why, in fact, their mouths open to the sky—so they can easily snag small bugs that land on the water's surface. So, when choosing a Betta food, you're going to want to look at the ingredient panel to make sure the first ingredient is either fish or fish meal or meat or meat meal for high protein beta fish food such as Aqueon Betta Fish Food. In case you don't know, fish and meat meals are simply a concentrated form of the fish or meat, with the moisture and water removed. So if you had the same amount of fish and fish meal by weight, there are actually more nutrients in the fish meal since there isn't any wasted water weight. The trade-off with meals is that some can contain some cartilage and bone—not necessarily bad, just a different blend. That said, as long as the Betta fish food you choose has either fish or fish meal as the first ingredient, you're on the right track. You can choose from standard pellets or flakes as well as Betta food with color-intensifying qualities such as Tetra BettaMin Tropical Medley Color Enhancing Fish Food. These foods will help brighten your Betta fish's natural colors for a more vibrant look. Once you find the best Betta food for your finned friend, consider mixing some treats into her diet. As with almost all fish, variety helps to complete a healthy diet. Bloodworms are a Betta fish favorite. Try Omega One Freeze-Dried Blood Worms Freshwater & Marine Fish Treat. Best of all, with freeze-dried bloodworm treats for Betta fish available, you don't need to handle live worms. Simply replace some of your Betta fish's regular food with some bloodworms for nutritious, delicious snacking. That brings us to the amount and frequency of feeding. Betta fish are very small and don't require very much food to thrive. Generally, only a few pellets are enough for the day, fed in one or two meals. Follow the instructions on your Betta fish food for exact amounts and serving suggestions. Happy Betta food shopping here on Chewy!

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