Dog Bolster Beds

Where your dog rests is very important. Afterall, she spends a lot of time in her bed. Whether she’s taking a short nap, playing with her toys or going to bed for the night, a dog’s bed is often her sanctuary. Not all dog beds are created equal, and different dogs have different expectations from their beds. One popular type of pet bed is the bolster dog bed. Find your canine a bolster bed at Many dogs love beds with raised borders. Bolster dog beds have raised edging that can relieve anxiety and make dogs feel more secure. Since canines descend from wolves who lived in caves, dogs prefer a protected bed. The best bolster dog beds have a pillow or armrest for your dog to lay her head. Dog pillow beds like these are also great for curling up in a ball and cuddling. You’ll find a variety of bolster dog beds at like the Frisco bolster pet bed. This cozy pet bed has an ultra-plush sleeping area and bolsters for snuggling. Looking for an orthopedic dog bed with bolster? Consider the Frisco Ortho Bolster Sofa with easy to climb design. Dogs with joint issues and even those without can benefit from the additional support of orthopedic dog beds. As the weather changes, your canine has different needs for a comfortable sleep. During the summer, dogs enjoy elevated dog beds designed to increase air flow. During the winter, heated dog beds keep your four-legged friend feeling toasty during cooler temperatures. Some dogs don’t feel comfortable unless they are completely snuggled away. For dogs who prefer a hideaway, consider covered dog beds or dog crates. You can make a dog crate cozy with dog blankets. Make any dog environment friendlier and more comfortable with dog toys. Get these dog supplies and more anytime at Chewy’s online pet store.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Bolster Beds

What is a bolster dog bed?

A bolster bed for dogs is a bed with edge support or padding along the sides. The bolsters may just be on some sides or surround the bed completely. You can find bolstered sofa-style beds, cuddler beds with bolsters, chaise lounge dog bolster beds, raised bolster beds, bolstered orthopedic beds and more.

Are bolster dog beds good for dogs?

Bolster beds are good for dogs who like edge support as they rest. Dog bolster beds can provide added comfort for dogs who like to curl up or rest their head as they sleep. Bolstered dog beds are also a cozy choice for dogs who get chilly easily or live in colder climates.