Dog Bones

Chewy's got the best natural dog bones for your bowwow. Dog's love gnawing on healthy dog bones, but they can do much more for your dog than simply keep them busy biting. Dog bones serve as a delicious reward for good behavior, while preventing doggy boredom and keeping canine teeth clean. Seasoned pet parents know that leaving a cute and cuddly puppy to entertain themselves can lead to a whole mess of trouble. Dog bones are a great chewy treat, and welcomed alternative to your home furnishings. Satiate the dog who likes to beg at the dinner table with premium dog bones from Chewy. Delicious dog bones come in flavors you'll dog will welcome as a safe alternative to human food and scraps. Find a variety of dog bones on Chewy including marrow bones, beef scapula, bully wrapped ribs, beef knuckle and more that come in beef flavor dog bones, lamb flavor dog bones and pork flavor dog bones. Switch between bone varieties to keep your dog's chewy experience both tempting and interesting. Find top quality natural dog bones brands on Chewy like Red Barn dog bones, Pet'n Shape dog bones, Ultra Chewy dog bones, USA Bones & Chew dog bones. All natural dog bones are typically high in protein and low in fat, making them a great healthy treat for all dogs, including pudgy pups on a diet. All natural dog bones contain meaty fibers and textures that work great to scrape away plaque, and keep canine teeth clean. Gnawing and biting on dog bones can keep tartar buildup at bay in conjunction with brushing with a dog toothbrush and regular dentist visits. If your pup's having difficulty gnawing on bigger bones, try smaller dog bone varieties for chewy fun. Whether you're looking for a great supplement to brushing or a chewy rewarding treat, shop Scott Pet dog bones at Chewy's online pet shop where you find the best dog supplies.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Bones

What kinds of bones are safe for dogs?

The kinds of bones that are safe for dogs vary depending on the chewing habits, size and age of the canine. Many vets recommend against natural bones for dogs because they can splinter and cause injury, suggesting nylon or rubber bones or chew toys instead. Younger dogs and older pups may harm their teeth on hard bones, so alternatives may be appropriate there, as well. Talk to your vet about appropriate chews and chew toys for your dog.

Can dogs digest bones?

Dogs can digest some dog bones, but many bones can present a choking or injury hazard for canines. Discuss safe dog chew and bone choices with your vet and never give your dog a leftover bone from something you ate. Chicken wings in particular can be extremely dangerous for dogs.

What are the healthiest bone treats for dogs?

The healthiest dog bone treats are not bones at all, but rather bone alternatives. Softer choices like bully sticks or synthetic bones offer a safe way for your pet to satisfy his chewing instincts and promote his dental health. Vets are increasingly recommending natural chews that aren’t bones due to safety considerations, but you can also find safe dog bones if your dog prefers them. Your vet will have some good recommendations on healthy chews and bone treats for your best friend.

What are the best bones for dogs to chew on?

The best bones for dogs to chew on won’t be too hard for their teeth. Softer bones and chews are recommended for most dogs to avoid dental or mouth injury, and rubber or synthetic options are becoming more popular. There are also many bone-shaped natural chews and treats made of other digestible ingredients your pup may enjoy, as well.