Dog Books

Are you looking for the perfect gifts for dog lovers? Well, we have the answer—dog books, and lots of them! Finding the right present for someone can be a time-consuming process, but if that person happens to be a fellow pet parent, it can be super simple. Pet books are unique dog lover gifts, and it shows that you put some thought into picking out one they’ll really enjoy. Of course, you can just pick out several dog books for yourself!

Chewy carries a wide selection of pet books on every pet care topic imaginable. The popular Chicken Soup for the Soul books will stir your soul with heartwarming, miraculous, inspirational, funny and informative tales of living with and caring about our feline and canine companions. For new pet parents, there’s the trusted “for Dummies” dog books that cover everything from training tips and dog facts about individual breeds to health and proper grooming.

Take a look around our virtual library of animal books to find something you or a friend might like. They offer expert advice about pet care and training from dog gurus like Cesar Milan, and help you create the perfect dog-friendly environment in your home with useful guides. If you’re searching for a cute coffee table book full of loveable pet pics to entertain guests, we’ve got that too. Or maybe you’re in the mood for a feel-good pet book about animals that have overcome illness and beaten the odds. Some dog books also talk about how to make sure your pet is getting the right nutrition, or the unique needs of puppies or senior dogs.

When you’re shopping for gifts for dog owners, and you think you’ve found some great dog books, we make it easy to ship them right to your friends and family. Just place them in your cart, and put their address in the Address Book in your account. And your dog lover gifts will be on their way to your pet parent friends! Who knows—you might even start a pet lovers’ book club!

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