Horse Boots

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Horse Boots

Horses are exposed to a lot of potential dangers while out on a trail or running through a pasture. They could easily scrape their leg against the side of a tree or sustain other injuries. In addition, when a horse is galloping fast, they may occasionally over-reach their hoof into their other legs, causing the potential for a nasty scrape or gash that could require horse first aid. Protecting a horse’s legs is an important thing to consider as a horse owner. And that’s where horse boots can come into play.

Boots for horses are an important piece of horse tack and provide a great way for a horse owner to protect the legs of their equestrian friends, whether they are out walking or running on a trail or being turned out in a pasture. They can also serve as a brace, providing extra support for the legs of a horse. In addition, boots for horses offer additional protection with horse pest control supplies against pesky mosquitos, flies and insects.

Chewy offers an array of horse boot options that will help your horse carry on with his daily endeavors while helping to ensure that his legs remain safe. Our wide selection of horse boots come in several sizes, lengths and materials to meet the lifestyle needs of any horse. There are many different colors and patterns, which can help add a little flair to your horse’s everyday look.

The Tough-1 Extreme vented horse sport boots set contains four lightweight boots that contour to the shape of a horse’s lower leg, thus providing solid and steady support as well as protection against bumps, bruises and soreness. The Kensington Protective Products non-collapsing protective fly horse boots help to protect a horse’s legs against biting insects with a fabric so tough that it’s designed to withstand fading, soiling, wear and tear and is also mildew-resistant. And the Weaver Leather No-Turn bell horse boots protect a steed’s delicate front hooves and tender heel bulbs with their soft, shock-absorbing neoprene lining and a positioning bulb that prevents the horse boot from slipping or turning. Shop Chewy for horse supplies online and all your other pet supplies.

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